Training Programs Available For Purchase

Fee Collection Course (Online Video) - $199

If you attempt to practice commercial mortgage brokerage without a professionally prepared fee agreement, you are also going to look like a rookie to both your borrower and your lender. There is no such thing as an experienced commercial mortgage broker who doesn't use a signed fee agreement on every deal. It's a painful lesson that every new broker learns before too long.  The fee agreement comes with a 90 minute video tape where I explain in detail how to actually enforce one of my agreements. Never bluff. If the borrower says, "Go ahead and sue me," I'll show you how to initiate the arbitration with 30 minutes. As they say, "Don't get mad. Get even." The cost of this fee agreement and fee collection training course in just $199. You'll make that back ten-fold in your first two months of brokering commercial loans.

Marketing Course (Online Video) - $199

For only $199, I will send you a marketing manual, plus a wonderful 90-minute marketing video, that will teach you exactly how to find as many commercial mortgage leads as you have time to work. Even better, this proven method will cost you only one-fifth the cost of any other advertising method. I have been soliciting commercial mortgage loans for twenty-three years, and through trial and error and dogged persistence, I have found the one method that is as reliable as turning on a faucet.

Underwriting Course (Online Video) - $199

For only $199 you can now buy an easy-to-read guide that will teach you everything you need to know about underwriting and brokering commercial mortgage loans. This is not some boring text book about the capitalization of commercial property cash flow streams. Boring! This is a training manual designed to get a residential loan agent up to speed arranging commercial loans in just one afternoon. In fact, that's exactly how this manual got started, as a training manual for our own commercial mortgage loan officers.

Full Course Bundle - Learning to Broker Course (Online Videos) - $549

This commercial mortgage training program is our BEST SELLER and utterly fantastic!  This is the combination of our Underwriting Course, Marketing Course, and our Fee Collection Course. Using these videos and manuals you can become a near-expert at commercial mortgage brokerage in just one day. Top commercial loan agents are earning $250,000 to $500,000 per year, and it's a lot easier than you think. All you need to know is where to get the leads, how to underwrite them and where to place them. This incredible course covers everything.  This 9-hour video tape program is broken into five sections - marketing for commercial loans, underwriting all types of income property loans, packaging, use of the commercial mortgage lender databank, and fee collection.  This training is easily worth $10,000 - yet it's only $549.

Become a Hard Money Lender - Find Private Investors - Learn Loan Servicing (Online Videos) - $549

I teach a very advanced course entitled, "How to Find Private Mortgage Investors".  This five-hour video tape course includes a 100 page workbook. In this course you will learn countless ways to waste tens of thousands of dollars trying in vain to find private mortgage investors.  I know.  I tried them all.   I wasted soooo much money on methods that totally flopped. Then I will teach you seven methods that work like a charm, methods I personally used, and still use, to grow my own portfolio of investors. I will teach you exactly where to go to find good hard money loans, and I will also teach you how to find loans so cherry that first-time private investors won't be able to resist. 

Also included is a short form loan servicing agreement and a long form loan servicing agreement that converts into a property management agreement in the event of a foreclosure.  Finally, you will receive a sample 30 page Offering Circular, like a prospectus, that you can give to each investor.  This way your investors will go into these investments with their eyes open, and you will have a reasonable legal shield in the unfortunate event they should suffer a modest loss.  Just $549.

Intermediate Commercial Mortgage Broker Training (Audio CDs) - $299

These CD's Cover Over 38 Different Commercial Financing Subjects. Learn the Terms of Art for Advanced Commercial Real Estate Finance. Get the Confidence You Know You've Been Lacking. Learn How to Structure and Close Large Conduit Deals. We Spend More Than 90 Minutes Covering Conduit Lending Issues. Learn Many Other Subjects Like Earnouts, Holdbacks, and Loans on Leased Land. Learn About the Classes of Office Buildings, Parking Ratios, Doors and Keys, Flagged Versus Unflagged Hotels, Blanket Commercial Loans, Exit Strategies, Single Asset Entities, Junior Financing, Replacement Reserves, Impounds, Premiums, Discounts, and Bankruptcy. Only $299.

The Practice of Commercial Mortgage Brokerage (Audio Course) - $199

This 5-hour, audio CD course is designed to be listened to in your car stereo as you are sitting in traffic. This is not a basic course about about financial ratios and commercial loan underwriting. (For that, please see my course, How to Broker Commercial Mortgage Loans.) This is a course for commercial mortgage veterans who are tired of not making enough money.  This training course is George Blackburne's masterpiece!


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