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lending preferences 1If you are in a hurry in find a commercial lender, please scroll to the bottom.  If not, why not take a moment to learn why you need to know scores of different commercial lenders.

Most commercial real estate loans are made banks, and banks can be very fickle.  The loan has to be the right property type.  For example, with so many folks working from home, banks worry whether office buildings aren't overbuilt.  Five years ago, retail was out of favor because banks worrried that Amazon had made retail space obsolete.  

Next, most commercial lenders prefer to make their commercial real estate loans close to one of their offices.  Then there is the loan size issue.  Is your commercial loan too large or too small?  Big banks like big loans.  Small banks like small commercial loans.  You have to match your commercial loan to the size of the bank.

Finally, there is the liquidity issue. Is your bank flush with deposits and hungry for more commercial real estate loans; or is it suffering from an outflow of deposits?  Many banks have tied up a huge percentage of their investment portfolios into long-term, low-yielding Treasuries.  These Treasuries have plummeted in value and become financially unsellable.  Another liquidity problem for banks is the attractiveness of Treasuries.  Many wealthy depositors are pulling out a lot of their money to buy 5% short-term Treasuries.  Why not?

Banks will therefore turn down a perfectly good commercial loan simply because it is located on the left-hand side of the street.  Makes no sense, right?

Moral of the Story:  You may therefore need to submit your commercial loan to a half-dozen different commercial lenders before finally finding a lender willing to fund your deal.  This big list of commercial lenders solves your problem.

  • The Blackburne List contains a list of 200 hungry commercial mortgage lenders.
  • It includes the name of the loan officer, his address, his phone, and his email address for each lender.
  • This list is free!

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