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You Must Service $20 Million+ in Commercial Loans To Qualify.
In Other Words, the Borrower Must Make His Payments To You.

Here’s the deal.  If your bank is finally feeling confident enough to start making commercial real estate loans again, C-Loans can help.  C-Loans is a commercial mortgage portal.  It's a website where borrowers and brokers can find the ideal lender for their particular commercial real estate loan needs - say a $1.6 million refinance of a balloon payment on an office building in San Jose, California.


How To Receive  Commercial Leads 


C-Loans sees a tremendous number of commercial real estate loan requests.  We are the oldest of the commercial mortgage portals, and we own CommercialMortgage.com (I paid more for this domain than the cost of a home - ouch!),  CommercialLoans.com, CommercialLenders.com, CommercialRealEstateLoans.com, IncomePropertyLoans.com, CommercialConstructionLoans.com, MezzanineLoans.com, and over 200 other commercial real estate finance websites.

It’s hard to say this without sounding like a blowhard, but its important that you understand that we are pretty dominant in our space.  Approximately 750 different commercial lenders - most of them banks - participate on C-Loans, and we have closed over 1,000 commercial real estate loans, totaling over $1 billion.  We have closed all of these deals without spending one red cent on advertising.  All of our borrowers and brokers find us through our enviable organic placements on the search engines.

If you join C-Loans as a commercial lender, we can deliver commercial real estate loan applications that are (1) the right type (permanent vs. construction vs. SBA vs. bridge); (2) the right size; (3) located in the right counties of the right states; (4) secured by the right types of property (multifamily vs. office vs. industrial, etc.); and (5) with a credit score high enough to satisfy your Loan Committee.


  How To Receive  Commercial Leads 


Banks and Credit Unions: Get 200 Free Commercial Loan Leads


Are the loan applications any good?  I promise you that at least three out of every ten loan applications you receive will be a supermodel - a loan that you definitely would love to make.  Whether you succeed on C-Loans depends on - to my total surprise - how fast you call the lead.  I thought that C-Loans would be a rate bidding war.  It’s not.  It turns out that its a race.  The first lender with decent rates to reach the borrower wins.  The rest leave a name and number on the borrower’s answering machine, and they almost never get a return call.  Morale of the story:  Call the lead before you go to lunch.  The good news:  Even lenders with so-so rates can knock it out of the park on C-Loans.  We have three different loan officers at three different banks who have each closed more than 40 commercial real estate loans for us - and their rates were probably slightly higher than average.  Success on C-Loans is all about speed in calling the lead.

But what does C-Loans cost?  Nothing - if you handle it right.  There is no fee to join C-Loans.  There is no monthly fee.  There is no fee per application.  If you never close a loan for C-Loans, participating will not cost you a dime.  If you close a deal, however, banks, conduits, and life companies owe us 37.5 bps., unless the loan is larger than $5MM, in which case they owe us just 25 bps.  Bridge lenders, nonprime lenders, subprime lenders, hard money lenders, and mezzanine loan lenders owe 50 bps., regardless of the size of the deal.


Banks and Credit Unions:  Get 200 Free SBA Loan Leads


Banks and Credit Unions: Get 200 Free Commercial Loan Leads


Most lenders just pass the entire cost of C-Loans on to borrower.  In other words, if a bank normally quotes 1 point on a permanent loan, most banks on C-Loans will quote 1.375 points.  The net effect of this is that C-Loans costs the bank nothing.

Does C-Loans really work?  Remember, C-Loans has closed more than 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling more than $1 billion - all without spending one red cent on advertising.  Bank of America has surely closed more commercial real estate loans than us.  So has Wells Fargo Bank.  Anybody else?  Maybe not.


Are you a FDIC-insured commercial bank or a NCUSIF-insured credit union?  C-Loans just came out with a special new offer - 200 free SBA loan leads, with which you can test the quality of our commercial loan applications risk-free.


How To Receive  Commercial Leads   


Banks and Credit Unions:  Get 200 Free SBA Loan Leads


If you are smarter than the average banker, you definitely want a relationship with the Blackburne family.  We own two companies (actually several more) - C-Loans, Inc. and Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation.  Blackburne & Sons was founded in 1980 (36 years ago), and it's one of the oldest surviving private money commercial mortgage companies in the country.  We have therefore survived three major commercial real estate depressions.  Even though I may retire in a few years, my two sons (business degrees from Ohio State and Purdue) already work for the company.  Therefore, if you develop a relationship with C-Loans, that relationship could potentially last for decades.

My point is this:  Your bank has enormous excess reserves at the Fed.  If you need more deposits, you can raise your deposit interest rate by 0.125% and in will flow the deposits.  The limiting factor to your growth and profitability is no longer the ability to raise deposits, but rather your ability to find attractive, credit-worthy loans.  With our huge footprint on the internet, no other company can deliver as many supermodels (superb commercial borrowers) to your loan officers.  Are you smart enough to recognize how much money C-Loans can make your bank?  Do you want a relationship?  If so, join C-Loans as a lender.

Warm Regards,

George Blackburne III, Esq.


Banks and Credit Unions: Get 200 Free Commercial Loan Leads


Banks and Credit Unions:  Get 200 Free SBA Loan Leads


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