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Ten years ago, your author, George Blackburne, III, had a heart attack and a triple bypass at age 50. Terrified that I might not live long enough to train my two wonderful sons in the business, I set about committing to a written journal all that I have learned after 32 years in the business of commercial mortgage banking.

My daily blog, Commercial Real Estate Loan Tips, is the compilation of eight years of work, and it is available to other commercial mortgage brokers for free. The wise commercial mortgage broker will read it daily.

Every day you will find a new article about some aspect of commercial real estate finance. It is an eclectic collection of articles in no particular order. One day you might read an article about the SBA 504 program, and another day you might read an article on land leases. Each subject is a lesson plan of a training session that I used to train my own sons.

When you visit our blog, please be sure to subscribe to the blog by inserting your email address on the right. As each new article is written, you'll be notified that another wonderful, free training article is now available for your study.

Most internet browsers now allow you to create multiple home pages. The wise commercial mortgage broker will make this blog one of his home pages. While not every article will be on a subject that interests you, you will still regularly learn a ton about about commercial real estate finance.

Why not jump to Commercial Real Estate Loan Tips right now and take a look?

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