Before You Apply for a Commercial Mortgage Loan

Please grasp this important reality: All commercial lenders are unbelievably fickle and unpredictable - every single one of them. One moment a bank will only finance office buildings, and the next moment that very same bank will suddenly hate office building loans and will only want to finance apartment buildings. You can never predict what a commercial lender will do

Why are commercial mortgage lenders so fickle and unpredictable? One reason is because most commercial loans today are originated as portfolio loans - in other words, the bank will keep the loan in its portfolio for the entire term. If the bank's commercial loan portfolio becomes too heavily weighted in office building loans, for example, the bank might suddenly, and without warning, shift towards multi-family loans.

To make matter worse, there is always the possibility that one of the members of Loan Committee has a pet peeve against self-storage loans, for example, because he once took a big loss in a self-storage deal way back in 1982. This kind of emotional, irrational decision-making is impossible to predict in advance. solves his problem. It will take you only four minutes to complete your mini-app. This same mini-app works for all 750 of our commercial lenders. Using this incredible system, you can submit your mini-app to hundreds of different commercial lenders, six lenders at a time.

If one of these six banks turns you down, no problemo. Just come back to C-Loans and submit your deal to six more banks. It's just a matter of click-click-click. This is the beauty of the C-Loans System.

And with 750 participating commercial lenders, if you can't find a lender using C-Loans, your deal cannot get done. Best of all, C-Loans is free; so let's get started.

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