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Are you a licensed commercial real estate broker?  Is it your primary business to help real estate investors buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate?  Want to get free investor leads?  Every day, commercial real estate investors, attorneys, and lenders with REO’s go looking for a commercial broker to handle the purchase, sale, or lease of an out-of-area property.  Everyone knows a local commercial broker, but what if someone inherits a commercial property in another state, for example.  Wouldn’t it be great if they found and hired you?
If you’d like to be listed and receive investor leads, listing opportunities, and leasing opportunities for free, kindly follow the instructions below.  I’m sorry, but this offer is not available to commercial lenders, commercial mortgage bankers, or commercial mortgage brokers, even if they have a commercial real estate broker’s license, like in California.
We are going to trade you a free listing in our Find a Commercial Broker Directory in return for two links on your own website pointed to the C-Loans Application System and one additional link pointed to our Commercial Loan Resource Center.
Yes, you are trading three links for one, but you get paid if we close a loan that came from your site!  We once paid a $21,250 referral fee to Alan Dunn of Spydercube that came from his “Commercial Loans" hyperlink.  Here are the details.
Hey, George, How Do I Get Listed First in Ohio?
Commercial brokers will be listed according to how many links to C-Loans they give us.  The more links you give us, the higher we will list you.  But you need a minimum of three links.
When You Have Created At Least Three Links to C-Loans:
Please send an email to Tom Blackburne at with the Subject Line of “”I've Created Three Links to C-Loans.”  Please include the URL of each page where we find a link.  Tom will then add you to our Find a Commercial Broker Directory.
Some Thoughts From Old Man Blackburne (Attorney, owner of, and owner of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, a $50MM hard money shop since 1980.)
Closing commercial real estate loans online is a numbers game.  It’s also a tough racket.  You’ll have to drive a ton of leads into the C-Loans Application System to get a deal to close, and it will take many, many months, if not years, to get paid on your first deal.  You will be tempted to quit and remove our links, cursing our name to high Heaven as a bunch of crooks.  Don’t.  When Alan Dunn got that famous call to submit his W-9 Statement, he had no idea that he had sent over a deal at 1:00 in the morning, when he was sleeping.  “Hey, Alan, I have some very good news for you.”
I urge you to throw our links everywhere on your real estate website.  If you are smart, you will build a link to us right into your listing template.  Before long, you could have twenty or thirty links to C-Loans on your site.  Then sit back and wait a few years.  If your site is reasonably busy, and if you give us 25 links for ten years, I predict that we will have paid you enough money in referral fees to pay for one year of college for your kid.  I’m not promising to make you rich, unless we get lucky together, like we did with Alan Dunn of Spydercube and close a huge deal together.  I am confidently promising you that together we have a superb chance to make some nice dough.
Here Are Some Facts to Give You Confidence:
1. was the first commercial mortgage portal.  We went online in 2000.
2.  About 50 competing commercial mortgage portals, many financed by venture capital, have come and gone since 2000.
3.  C-Loans, Inc. has closed over 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion.
4.  We have 750 different participating commercial lenders.
5.  This means that we can handle any commercial real estate loan request submitted by your site, from a $100,000 first mortgage on a converted house in North Dakota to a $10 million mezzanine loan on an office tower in Atlanta.
How Can You Be Sure That You’ll Get Paid?
Lucky Alan Dunn had no idea of his big closing, yet he got paid.  The Blackburne Family has a run a $50 million commercial hard money shop for forty years. About 1,200 retired private investors trust us with much of their savings.  Over $1 billion have passed through our trust accounts over the past forty years, and regulator and auditors have verified that every penny went to its proper owner.  Forty years, every penny.  We survived the S&L Crisis, the Dot-Com Meltdown, and the Great Recession.  Father and both sons are Eagle Scouts.  You’ll get paid.
When You Have Created At Least Three Links to C-Loans:
Please send an email to Tom Blackburne at with the Subject Line of “”I've Created Three Links to C-Loans.”  Please include the URL of each page where we find a link.  He will then add you to our Find a Commercial Broker Directory.  Relatives die in far-away states.  Lenders foreclose.  Attorneys and trust companies need help for their beneficiaries.  You’ll get some excellent leads.  And your links will send ships out to sea.  Storms, reefs, or pirates will sink most of them; but not always.

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