Get Paid to Enter Commercial Loans Into C-Loans

Earn 100 Blackburne Bucks For Every Commercial Loan You Enter.
Redeem Them By Buying My Wonderful Training Courses.

Not sure you want to take the time to enter a commercial loan into C-Loans?  C-Loans, Inc. will now reward you with 100 Blackburne Bucks every time you enter a commercial real estate loan into and submit it to six lenders.  The process is simple.  Step One is to register, which is just a fancy term for telling our 750 commercial lenders how to reach you if they like your deal.  In Step Two, you'll fill out an easy, one-page form describing your deal (four minutes, tops).  In Step Three, you simply choose six lenders from the Suggested Lender List and press "Submit".  Voila!  You're done … and you have just earned 100 Blackburne Bucks that you can use to buy any one of my wonderful commercial real estate finance training courses.  

I strongly recommend that you start with my latest course, The Practice of Commercial Mortgage Brokerage - How to Save Your Commercial Mortgage Business If You're Just Not Making Any Money.   It's by far the best commercial mortgage brokerage training program I've ever written.  It's my masterpiece.  This is a 5-hour audio training course that is designed to be listened to in your car on the way home from work.  I predict it will change your life.  I recently lowered the price of this course to just $199, so you can buy this course after entering just two commercial loans into C-Loans.

For years you've probably dreamed of owning my classic 9-hour course on How to Broker Commercial Loansbut you just couldn't afford it.  This is my flagship course that has been taken by at least 3,000 successful commercial mortgage brokers.  Now you can own it after entering just five commercial loans into

You have heard me say a dozen times, the real money in the mortgage business is in loan servicing fees.  Loan servicing fees are how Blackburne & Sons, my hard money commercial mortgage company, survived the Great Recession.  The fastest way to build a loan servicing portfolio is to become a hard money lender.  If this is your goal - and it should be - you will love my four-hour video training course, How to Find Your Own Private Mortgage Investors.  Enter just five commercial loans into C-Loans, and the course is yours.

Wish you had more commercial loan leads to work?  My brand new, freshly-updated course, How to Market for Commercial Mortgage Loans, is yours for free, just for entering two bona fide commercial loans into C-Loans.

For those of you who are old pro's, I have a special audio training course just for you, Intermediate Commercial Real Estate Finance.  Your understanding of conduit lending, structured finance, mezzanine loans, preferred equity, and venture equity will skyrocket.  This course is yours for free, after entering just two commercial loans into C-Loans.

Here's how you receive your Blackburne Bucks.  After you have entered a commercial loan into and submitted it to six, hungry, commercial lenders, please just send me an email to   In the subject line, please type, "Blackburne Bucks".  The body should simply say, "Hey, George, I just entered a commercial loan into called the (please enter the project name here, like the Howard Street Apartments).   Please send me my 100 Blackburne Bucks."  I will take a quick look at the deal to make sure it looks legitimate.  Then I'll send you an email containing your 100 Blackburne Bucks.

When you are ready to redeem your Blackburne Bucks, simply contact Tom Blackburne or call him at 574-210-6686.  He'll fulfill your order.

Now the Legal Beagle Weasel Words:

  1. Obviously, please make sure that these are fresh and legitimate commercial loans that are not already dead.  If you get caught entering B.S. deals …
  2. The collateral has to be a commercial property or a multifamily property of 5+ units.  These Blackburne Bucks would violate RESPA if the loan requested was secured by a one-to-four family dwelling.  Portfolios of 5+ rental homes, if structured as a blanket loan, however, are okay.  Such portfolio loans are considered commercial loans.
  3. We do ask that you to cover the actual cost of shipping, which is only about $22 per course (unless you want it overnight).  We do NOT charge anything for handling.

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