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This commercial mortgage loan system is exactly what you need.  Seven hundred and fifty commercial lenders await your application, including permanent lenders, bridge lenders, construction lenders, SBA lenders, USDA lenders, land loan lenders, and mezzanine lenders.

Simply input your needs.  Then ask the system, "Hey computer, show me the cheapest commercial mortgage lenders for my particular deal."  Presto-chango, the computer will instantly search a database of 750 commercial mortgage lenders and give you a list of twenty to thirty commercial mortgage lenders who are hungry for your exact type of deal.  You can then submit your loan to the six most attractive commercial lenders with just one mouse click.  You can also use the phone numbers listed to call the lenders directly.  Lenders will then contact you by phone and by e-mail to compete for your business.  These direct commercial mortgage lenders chase YOU, so your negotiating position is much stronger.

Commercial lenders are fussy.  No problem.  If your loan gets turned down, simply go to the next six cheapest commercial lenders on the list and apply with a simple mouse click.  There are lots of "A" paper lenders, including life companies and commercial banks, "B" paper lenders and easy "C" paper lenders.  You fill out just one application, and it works for everyone.  Slick, huh?  First please tell us below how our lenders can reach you.

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