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New Commercial Mortgage Brokers All Make the Same Mistakes
I Will Double Your Income This Year - Just $30


Guys, this is George Blackburne III, the founder of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital, the big commercial hard money shop, and  Your lousy $30 is peanuts to me.  I just reduced the price of this course from $199 to just $30 because I want more of you guys to become my trainee graduates.  Many of my former students have become lifelong friends, and they bring a ton of commercial loans to my hard money shop.  So please start listening.

If you're like most commercial mortgage brokers, you're still struggling. You see the potential money in commercial mortgage brokerage; but you never seem to be able to close enough commercial loans to break out. You seem to attract bad luck like a porch light attracts moths. What are you doing wrong? The truth is that you are doing a lot of things wrong, probably at least sixty-seven different things.  Don't feel bad.  Every commercial mortgage broker starts out making these same mistakes.

The good news is that I can fix you.  I can double your income.  If you collected $105,000 last year as a commercial mortgage broker, you will collect $210,000 next year.  Good salesmen in this industry make much, much more.


How can I double your income? The answer is not one, single, mind-blowing fix. Instead, I am going to improve sixty-seven different aspects of your commercial mortgage business. Each of these sixty-seven different fixes will only make you 2% to 5% more successful as a commercial mortgage broker - but collectively these fixes will change your life.

Does it sound reasonable that a 43-year veteran (owner of the same company that he founded in 1980) could make you at least 8% more effective at marketing for commercial loans? Could this attorney help you to become 5% more effective at collecting your full loan brokerage fee? Could his suggestions help you to reduce the cost of running your mortgage office by 3%. If your answer is yes, imagine the compounding effect on your business of sixty-seven different fixes, even if each only increases your success by 3%.

Okay, let's get more specific. First, I am going to make you far more effective at instantly spotting deals that are a complete waste of your time. I explain exactly why certain loans will never close. After this section of training, you may look at your pipeline and say, "Darn, I have 15 loans in process, and only one or two of them are likely to close."  Ouch, huh?  I'm sorry, but you gotta know.

Next I'll cover what a perfect commercial lead looks like. You'll be surprised ... but you'll agree. I am also going to fix how you market for commercial loans. Most brokers use techniques that are almost a complete waste of time. My techniques do not include advertising or calling on real estate offices.

As a broker, your most valuable asset is your time. A great many commercial mortgage brokers waste their precious time chasing goofy loans that will never close. Instead, you should be doing X. In fact, you should be devoting 60% of all of your working hours to doing X. So what is X? Prepare to be surprised.

You'll also appreciate my battle-tested tips on how to convince borrowers to send you their packages. Right now you may be saying stupid things on the phone that makes selling much harder than it has to be.

Included are several lessons on loan packaging.  You won't need to buy any fancy software. You don't need to prepare any big, expensive packages. This is the digital age. Loan packaging shouldn't take you more than 25 minutes.

Placing a commercial loan is easy, if you select your lenders scientifically. I am not talking about using C-Loans here, and I am not talking about calling 30 to 50 commercial lenders on every deal. It's about approaching the right lender in just the right way to put him in the mood to fund your deal. It's about the little things that the old pro's do that allows them - the top 20% of all commercial mortgage brokers - to make 80% of the dough.

When the lender is a perfect fit for your deal, you'll be amazed how easy this business can be. (Please read this last sentence again.)


Included in this course is the most important lesson in all of commercial mortgage finance. I once wrote a blog article about how, in this imaginary story, I get hit by car. As I am bleeding out on the pavement, next to my precious sons, after I had told them how much I loved them, with my last gasp I said, "And remember, sons, the most important lesson in all of commercial mortgage finance is ..." You'll learn this oh-so-important lesson. If there is a single ah-hah moment in this entire course, this is it. This one lesson alone is worth the entire cost of the program.

Let's talk about fee collection. Verbal proof story: Recently we collected a $36,000 fee from a borrower who had cancelled a $975,000 refinance on us. We paid zero dollars to any attorney, and we did not even have to go to court or arbitration. We kept the entire $36,000 for ourselves. I don't cover as much material as I cover in my Fee Collection Course, but I do hit the highlights.

This is a 5-hour online course. This is not a basic course about about financial ratios and commercial loan underwriting. (For that, please see my course, How to Broker Commercial Mortgage Loans.) This is a course for commercial mortgage guys who just aren't making enough money.

"Okay, George, I admit I'm intrigued. People say that you, George, make more money working fewer hours than anyone in this business. How much does this course cost?"

Answer: The cost of turning your entire commercial mortgage business around is just $30. If you listen to this 5-hour course several times (in my dreams, as a coach, I would love for you to listen to it five to six times), I promise I will fix your commercial mortgage practice.  In fact, I literally guantee it.  You'll either double your income, or I'll send back your $30.  Remember, we used to sell this course for $199.

Obviously, I don't make any real money selling this course for just $30; but if you become a successful and grateful former student, you are going to bring your subprtime commercial loans to Blackburne & Sons.  That's where you and I will make our real money.  So order this course and listen to it at least twice.  This practice course is my masterpiece.  

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