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Get Pre-Qualified Commercial Mortgage Loan Applications Delivered Right to Your E-Mail Box   Each loan will be the right size, secured by the right type of commercial property, and located close to one of your branches. There is no set-up fee to join C-Loans as a lender. There is no monthly fee. If you never close a loan for us, joining C-Loans won't have cost your bank a penny. If you quote your deals properly, even closing a loan for C-Loans costs your bank nothing. C-Loans lenders have closed over 1,000 different commercial real estate estate loans totaling over $1 billion. We have individual loan officers working for banks who have closed more than 50 loans for us themselves. If you really want to close more commercial loans, joining C-Loans.com is an absolute no-brainer. Remember, we own CommercialMortgage.com, CommercialLoans.com, CommercialRealEstateLoans.com, IncomePropertyLoans.com, and more than 250 other related web sites. It's no wonder we've closed more commercial real estate loans than all other commercial mortgage portals combined.

Get a Free 50-inch Color HDTV For Joining C-Loans as a Direct Commercial Lender and closing one commercial loan for us. Sorry, but this wonderful offer extends only to FDIC-insured banks and credit unions.

Learn How to Market for Commercial Mortgage Loans - Only $199. There are dozens of ways to waste money advertising for commercial mortgage loans. Only a tiny handful of methods actually work. I know. I have been soliciting commercial mortgage loans for 23 years. Learn the methods that work as easily and effectively as turning on a faucet.

Need an Expert Witness?
Mr. Blackburne is available to assist private investors as an expert witness who have lost money due to the fraudulent conduct of brokers. Where a mortgage broker is unjustly accused of fraud, he is also available to testify as an expert.

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