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"I want to first personally thank you. I “trained” with Cushman & Wakefield for 2 years, and yet 90% of the knowledge I use is from you. I know the main reason C-Loans exists is for business generation, but thank you for sharing your gift of teaching and story-telling. I would be out of business if it wasn’t for Blackburne University."
--Stuart Faass, Five Borough Capital

"I don’t know if you remember me but about 6 months ago I sent you a Thank You for selling me your VHS tape course back in 2003 when I first got into lending business. You and I both had no grey hair back then.  Here we are 15 years later and I am one of the most successful commercial, out of the box, hard money lenders in South Florida. You didn’t know it but I watched your VHS tape at least 10 times and you were my mentor back then. I still use your broker agreement."

"I like you Big George III. I find your posts are very useful and entertaining. I bought your VHS tape course back in 2005 when I first got into the commercial end of the mortgage business. Watched it 3 or 4 times. I still use your fee agreement. Here it is years later and both of us are still in the game. You have been invaluable in my success."

"Alicia and George, As a former banker (20 years and and a broker who is always looking for attention (smile), I am very impressed by C-Loans. You have accumulated a great group of financing options and lenders who are responsive and very helpful to explain their sweet spots. In just a week and a half, I have several options for my clients which my other associations/networks didn't make happen. Thanks! I will be using this resource for quite some time. If you ever need any endorsements, do not hesitate to call."

"Hi there, Just wanted to say how overwhelmed we have been with quality responses from lenders. We are so glad we ran across C-Loans on the Internet. Will let you know when we end up with the loan we want. Thanks so much!"

"Thank you for your follow up!
I spoke to Richard and Larry at RC Temme yesterday (met with them) and we are positively moving forward. Richard and Larry had appreciative words to say about your organization and I also think your website is very functional and user friendly ( I come from a technology background). I hope to use your services as often as possible."
-- Cheers, Matt

"… I purchased your seminar on commercial loan brokering and it was terrific."

"Yes, I have received 2 loans worth looking at!!
I can use a computer to do my work, but hate the net cause it's so time consuming. BUT your product was easy to use and so fruitful. Thanks for providing such an excellent service!!!

"Hi, I've received several quotes that seem to work for my  client... Checking them out now. Thanks (THIS is a GREAT site. I'll use it again and again."

"I came into my office today and lo and behold I find this most gorgeous box filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. You (Alicia Gandy) and George (Blackburne) and your company simply out do yourselves with help, advice and your overwhelming generosity."

"Full of great information, full of common sense, full of the best advice I have found regarding private lending, full long term vision in the short sighted mortgage industry. I have been doing business in private lending for about three years on a consistent $3-5 million a year basis. I ordered your course and quickly discovered new profit centers that have taken my private lending business to the point where it is all I want to do. Anyway chalk me up as another very happy customer."

"I just bought both the Commercial Loan Program Manual and Hard Money. I have already been successful in closing 4 loans ($4,200,000; $1,400,000; $600,000; and $550,000). Should you need to use me as a reference feel free and I will continue to endorse your company as a true and tried customer of your service."

"I was very pleased with the service, C-Loans was crucial in getting the deal done and in an efficient and timely manner. I highly recommend the use of the site, as it adds to the arsenal of any loan officer wanting to stay ahead of the game.  I am very eager to receive the training video."

"As of yet I have decided on which lender I want to use, However your process has been a breeze, and has made things much easier for me."
-- Reuven

"Thank you for a great website! We found a dream lender. We're entering another purchase with other requirements, so we'll be visiting your site again soon."
-- Bob

"Thank you again for your excellent tapes!
I'm going to order your complete commercial loan series shortly."

"Thanks for your follow-up. I did receive very positive replies from at least 3 sources. At this time I'm packaging client's files with required documentation to hopefully send sometime soon. I'm pleased with how this C-loans portal has worked, as this is the second time I have tried. I especially enjoy the "right to the point", and sometimes humor, included in your website's instructions and introduction. I'll make sure more people know about it."

"We believe that C-Loans offers a valuable service. We wouldn't have found this lender otherwise, and we are very pleased with the terms, service, efficiency and helpful attitude we have found at Lockheed Federal Credit Union."

"1. Thanks for your excellent proposal submitting
2. I have already received three (3) fantastic
-- Rajat

"I recently purchased your Commercial Loan Brokering program and let me tell you it's really great. I can see that this can be a very lucrative side of the mortgage business. Thanks for all the great info."

"Your commercial loan training videos are great! Very informative and amusing at the same time."

"Thank you for your web site. I have searched by telephone, wasting several days, to accomplish the desired result within one hour using your site. I will continue to use this outstanding service."
-- Cap

"I purchased your full course including “How to find private mortgage investors” from Alicia early this year; and I must say you should be charging way more than you are. The underwriting was great training for my new guys. After reading 'How to find private mortgage investors' I went on my way to start my own hard money division."

"I have got some good response and hopefully moving forward. I had no luck trying to place this this loan on my own due to property type so I found C-Loans to be the best vehicle. Thanks again!"
-- Darrell

"I received the material, spent the last couple hours perusing it and it is impeccable in every detail. Kudos. This is a great guide to help me professionalize, legalize and bulletproof this process in my re-entry into commercial lending after a 14 year hiatus at age 58."
-- Greg

"I was very impressed with the whole process. Thank you."

"Thank you for the service that you provide. It is a valuable tool that I will use in making my financial decisions. I have already and will recommend your service to those that ask me."
--Joel Giambrone

"One of the first lenders offered a fantastic rate. We are waiting for the borrower to decide. Unfortunately we are up against an insurance company that is very competitive. That being said, I am very satisified with your site and will use it for all of my commercial real estate financing."
-- George

"I ordered the dvd training video a month ago. Great course!"
-- Alex H.

"Holy smokes! I love your C-Loans System! … I have gotten over 40 calls from lenders REALLY wanting my business. It's fun for a change people calling me wanting to do deals."
-- Bill C.

"I would like to thank you and the people at C-Loans for your assistance in directing my loan request to various lenders. I received a positive response from one of them and I am waiting to see what happens. I will definitely keep you posted on our progress. Again, thank you and have a great day!"
-- Gary J.

"I have recently purchased your commercial loans and private investors DVD's. They are unquestionably the best instructional programs I have ever purchased.”
--Mario C.

"I wanted to let you know that the C-loans system is great. I am sure you know that by now. I am just breaking into the commercial side from residential where I work with real estate investors. I broker a lot of hard money. Naturally investors move up into bigger more commercial properties. This first attempt turned out to be with a borrower who wouldn’t disclose enough t do the loan. He just wasn’t serious, but I was greatly impressed with the response time in which I got answers!! That was amazing how the offers streamed in over the next 24 hours. You’ve got an awesome resource and I’ll be coming to C-loans the first chance I get on the next one!!!"
--Eric B.

"We closed on our loan of $300,000.00 on June 29, 2006 with Sterling Bank. The loan went just as advertised and they were great people to deal with. If it were not for C-Loans I would have never known about this bank, which by the way, was is in our area.  C-Loans does a great service. I would highly recommend C-Loans and have told friends about them. Keep up the good work."
-- Howard D.

"Man this system is great. :) I have accomplished more in the past two days then I have in the last 3 weeks. It has been a pleasure using this system to locate a viable lender for my client. I am, without question, committed to using this system to provide excellent service to my commercial clients."
-- Calvanaugh H.

"Thank you for the follow-up. ALL of the lenders responded rather quickly. So far, I am extremely pleased. I appreciate your checking with me."
--Ray H.

"Actually, Alicia, I am very pleased with my experience so far with C-Loans. I have received an overwhelming positive response from more lenders than I can keep up with. I have begun submitting my 1st loan and will continue to use C-Loans on my commercial loans. Thanks so much for the professional response and service. I am so pleased."

"Alicia, my name is Christopher Bell and I’m a Mortgage Broker in Florida.  I just closed my first commercial loan with Integrity Financial Group, I sourced the loan though C-Loans, and it was the most enjoyable experience working with Integrity Financial Group.  My Account reps name was Karla and she was a blessing to work with.  I had this loan on my desk for the last 5 months and thing were looking bleak every other lender just held me up and wasted my time.  I closed my loan on 11/21/06 this loan was closed in 3 weeks. I work with mostly residential loans and I only wish that they went as smooth as this loan, life would be so much easier.  I thank you and your staff for providing such a service, I wish that residential loans had the same service.  When ever I get a commercial loan on my desk I know just were to go."
--Christopher Bell

I have to let you know that, through your wonderful training,  I get nothing but compliments on the packages that I send to Lenders and Banks.  They said they wished everyone sent packages like mine.  I had a heck of a time finding the covers, but finally did.   I have followed your instructions to a T!   My newsletter is working like a charm.  I had 4 replies to my first mailing sent 2 weeks ago and can't wait to send the second.  I have an appointment with a bank for referral loans, an investor of apartment buildings over 5M, a huge property developer, and a guy that converts industrial buildings to lofts!   YOU ROCK! AND I AM ROLLIN!
In greatest appreciation,
--Kathy L. Pace, CMB
Commercial Loan Specialist

"I am currently going through your training DVD’s on finding hard money investors … I would just like to say that I find this to be very valuable."
Nathan Goodman
American Mortgage

"I have purchased the private investors program from Blackburne and Brown less than 2 years ago, followed George's instruction and have become successful in working with private investors and servicing. I have another loan inquiry in Hawaii that I will be using C-Loans to hopefully fund!"

"Hi, George.  I submitted a loan scenario to your lender network, and I have been very pleased with the speed and response of your lenders. Congratulations!"

“I received the marketing course a few days ago, and it is a work of art.”

“You have an awesome friggin service.  Thank you.  I didn't realize how powerful it could be."
-- Marco D.
Vision Capital Resources, Inc.

"I love this web portal... the service and experience I am receiving is tremendous. Thanks so much and I'm glad I found you all."
Frank D.

"I have been overwhelmed with all the responses. I cant believe  so many people have replied so quickly and about 50 % are within the guidelines of what I need.What a service!"

"Following your prescribed policies and procedures and adjusting them to my market, I now have a full blown loan servicing company associated with my real estate brokerage firm. After eighteen months of loan servicing, the income is equal to my brokerage."
--Carl D.

"I just want to acknowledge that the C-Loans concept is truly a great thing. I used C-Loans to attempt to help me find a lender, but my deal died because of the principal borrower. The death of my deal had nothing to do with any of the lenders listed on C-Loans. Therefore, I will use the service for my next commercial loan project."
--Larry M.

“I purchased your information a few months ago and found it to be worth every penny and then some.  Thanks for your clear, concise instruction and sharing your wealth of industry knowledge.  The C-Loan's commercial underwriting program has already paid me back many times.”

"I appreciate the follow-ups on my loan submissions and for your continued support. There are three applications that I’m gathering information on based upon the responses from your lenders and I will let you know of the outcome on them. Thanks."
--Tony P.

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