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lending preferences 1Join C-Loans Immediately. There's Nothing to Sign. Just Tell Us Your Commercial Lending Preferences.

There is indeed nothing to sign.  Please just remember to bump your normal loan fee by 37.5 bps.* (50 bps. for subprime lenders) and tell us about any closings.  We'll then submit an invoice for our little software licensing fee.  And get excited!  This new relationship should increase your personal loan volume by at least 20%.  Remember, C-Loans has been online now for over 18 years, and hundreds of banks already participate.  C-Loans has closed more than 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion.

Below you'll see a little form where we will collect your commercial lending preferences.  In the Lending Area field, please type in the counties where you will lend, or type in a general region, like, "Within 75 miles of St. Louis" or "Northern Kentucky."  Over time, working together, we'll later make any minor adjustments that still need to be made.

Next we get to Acceptable Property Types.  If you're a typical bank, you don't have to click on every possible property type.  Simply click on the button, "Typical Bank Properties."  Or you can leave that box unchecked and check only those property types on which you are actively lending.

*Life companies, conduits, banks, and agency lenders pay just 25 bps. on closings larger than $5 million.



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