Intermediate Commercial
Mortgage Brokerage Training

This Program is Perfect For Folks Who Have Been
Brokering Commercial Loans for 2-5 Years.
Seven Hours of Audio Training on CD - Only $299

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Learn How to Structure and Close Large Conduit Deals. We Spend More Than 90 Minutes Covering Conduit Lending Issues.
Learn Many Other Subjects Like Earnouts, Holdbacks, and Loans on Leased Land. Learn About the Classes of Office Buildings, Parking Ratios, Doors and Keys, Flagged Versus Unflagged Hotels, Blanket Commercial Loans, Exit Strategies, Single Asset Entities, Junior Financing, Replacement Reserves, Impounds, Premiums, Discounts, and Bankruptcy.

These CD's Cover Over 38 Different Commercial Financing Subjects. Learn the Terms of Art for Advanced Commercial Real Estate Finance. Get the Confidence You Know You've Been Lacking.


Let's say you've been brokering commercial mortgage loans for two to five years. You probably started out brokering a few deals to Interbay, some banks, and maybe some hard money lenders. Maybe you've now successfully brokered 40 commercial loans to local banks. You've probably tried to close 30 big construction loans and closed only one or two of them, if any. You might even have closed a large CMBS deal and earned a nice fee.

But you're ambitious. You're anxious to close a lot more large CMBS deals and some larger construction loans too. But where can you learn this stuff?

If you're ready to move up the food chain to the larger commercial deals, these seven hours worth of audio CD's will give you an important leg up. These are audio CD's, not DVD's, so you can easily pop them in the CD player of your car and upgrade your expertise as you are sitting in traffic.

Like all of George's commercial mortgage training, this is practical stuff, taught in layman's language that you can easily follow. The focus is on helping you sort through your hundreds of leads to find the do-able deals, the deals that will close, and the deals that will feed your family.


Many commercial mortgage brokers make as much, or more, than the average physician. Those dedicated physicians had to spend eight to ten years in college and medical school to learn their profession, and many of them graduated from medical school owing more than $100,000 in student loans. It makes a lot of economic sense to invest a modest $299 to become more proficient in our lucrative profession.

If you're new to commercial mortgage finance, we urge you to start with our nine-hour video training program, "How to Broker Commercial Mortgage Loans".

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