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Right now Wall Street is buying more commercial mortgage-backed securities than at any time in history. As a result, there are loan agents out there today who are making over a half-million dollars a year brokering commercial loans to conduits. If you don't know how to broker commercial deals, you are missing out on one of the biggest financial gold rushes of your lifetime.

For only $199 you can now buy an easy-to-read guide that will teach you everything you need to know about underwriting and brokering commercial mortgage loans. This is not some boring text book about the capitalization of commercial property cash flow streams. Boring! This is a training manual designed to get a residential loan agent up to speed arranging commercial loans in just one afternoon. In fact, that's exactly how this manual got started, as a training manual for our own commercial mortgage loan officers.


Need to prepare a pro forma operating statement? I tell you exactly where to get every number on every line; even when you don't have enough information, and you just have to wing it. Don't know the fire insurance premium? Try using $4.50 for every thousand dollars of insurance - but only insure 70% of the property's estimated value. Laundry income? Use $11.50 per unit per month. Do you see how detailed, helpful and down-to-earth this manual is? No fluff. No theory. Just step-by-step instructions that even a dummy like me could follow.

You will also learn debt service coverage ratios, operating expense ratios, on-site and off-site management factors, reserves for replacement, capitalization rates (cap rates), vacancy factors, collection loss reserves and loan constants. You will learn about forward takeout commitments, standby commitments and bow-ties. You will learn how to underwrite construction loans, including the difference between loan-to-value ratios and loan-to-cost ratios, developer's profit analysis, contingency reserves, interest reserves, and general contractor's overhead and profit factors. You'll learn the difference between gross leases and full service leases and industrial gross leases and net leases and net-net leases and triple-net leases. You'll learn the difference between scheduled rents and effective rents. And exactly how do you prepare a pro forma operating statement when the building is 27% vacant? Inside you'll learn.

I will also teach you how to look at a commercial deal and determine immediately to what type of lender you should take the loan. Got a successful business owner with a large average daily balance in his corporate checking account. Take the loan to a bank. Got a kinky property with great, verifiable income (i.e., great tax returns)? Go to a finance company. Got a standard piece of real estate with good leases and occupancy but the owner's net worth is light? Take it to a savings bank. I explain why in plain, everyday English.


Sounds like a lot to learn, huh? Nonsense. You can read my manual from cover to cover in just 90 minutes. When you're done, you will know everything you need to successfully broker commercial loans. What a feeling - to finally master commercial mortgage underwriting. You'll run circles around your realtors. Your confidence will soar!

So will your income. Just one point on a $2.6 million loan is $26,000. And did you know that packaging a commercial mortgage loan is far easier than doing a Fannie/Freddie residential deal? Using our commercial lender databank and this training manual, you can now make huge commissions off of commercial leads you were previously throwing away.

All this for $199.00. To order a copy of this wonderful Income Property Underwriting Manual, simply e-mail to us your name, company, address and telephone number. Please also include your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card information. We will need to know whether the card is a Visa or a Mastercard, the name on the account, the account number and the expiration date.

You can also order by phone by calling Tom Blackburne at 574-210-6686, or you can fax your order to Tom at 916-338-2328.

This manual comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied that this manual is a fun, easy-reading guide to everything you need to know about commercial mortgage underwriting, just call us and we will happily refund your money.

Conduits are making billions of dollars in commercial mortgage loans this year. Some commercial loan agents are making over a half-million dollars annually bringing them loans. Stop throwing those commercial leads away! Turn them into big commissions instead. This decision is a no-brainer. You are going to learn a whole new profession for a lousy $199. Order online here:


Be sure to also see our Combo Package Offer that includes our Income Property Underwriting Manual, our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual, and our Loan Broker Fee Agreement - all for just $249. For just $249 you will possess every tool you will need to open a very competent commercial mortgage division. Click here for details on our Combo Package.

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