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Do you blast out e-mails to real estate brokers and mortgage brokers? If so, you can earn $1,000 to $10,000 advertising fees by simply imbedding a hyperlink in your outgoing e-mails or newsgroup postings.

C-Loans just paid out a $21,250 referral fee to Alan Dunn of All Alan did was put a link on his website!

C-Loans® has an on-line commercial mortgage application system. We will pay you 1/8th of a point on any closed commercial mortgage loan that came from your site or from one of your e-mails. This is huge. If you typically advertise to 10,000 professionals at a time, you could easily generate ten to fifteen commercial loan applications in a single mailing. All you need is one simple line of text:

So how do we know that the deal came from you? How do we know to whom we owe the contingent advertising fee? At the end of the hyperlink above is the number 137. Each advertiser gets his own unique number. Please contact Tom Blackburne at (574) 210-6686 or to get your own advertiser identification number.

How can you be sure that you won't be cheated out of your fee?

When we set you up, we'll collect your email address and contact information. Then we'll program the computer to send you a copy of every loan application generated by your site. But it gets even better. Every month our lenders report on any progress they have made on our loan apps. If one of our lenders convinced the borrower to send in a loan application or signs the borrower up on a loan proposal, you will receive a copy of this report. We also have a Borrower Tattle System where we pay our borrowers $50 to tell us about deals they have closed with our lenders. You will get a copy of these tattle reports as well.

By including a link to the C-Loans Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank, you are doing your clients a great service. Through C-Loans they can find permanent lenders, second mortgage lenders, construction loan lenders, bridge loan lenders, SBA lenders, hard money lenders, and mezzanine loan lenders. There are over 700 different commercial mortgage lenders on C-Loans, so you can earn a handsome contingent advertising fee on a $100,000 loan on a little independent hotel in New Mexico or a $12 million loan on a parking garage in New York. And C-Loans is totally free to your users. What a service you are providing to them!

Did you know that if you are the first company to refer a user to C-Loans that this user is your client in perpetuity? In other words, if the borrower or broker returns to C-Loans five years from now and closes a loan, you will still earn your 12.5 basis point fee. We just sent Rob Neill of a $2,565 fee on a borrower who first applied for a loan two years earlier. The first deal didn't close, but the second loan did. What a pleasant suprise for Rob!

Remember, you will want to insert our simple hyperlink everywhere - in your email newsletters, at the bottom of your newsgroup postings, on your website, and perhaps even in your signature block. The more real estate professionals who see it, the more chances you have of earning a nice fee.

Need a Commercial Loan?

So please contact Tom Blackburne right now at (574) 210-6686 or He'll assign you an advertiser number on the spot.

If you regularly advertise to mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, developers, appraisers, or any other real estate professionals, this is an absolute no-brainer. You'll earn a whole stream of fees, perhaps continuing for years (like an Amway annuity on steroids) as users return to C-Loans, all for adding a simple line of text to your outgoing emails.

Need a commercial loan?

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