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Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Loans - Freshly Updated and Absolutely Fantastic!

lending preferences 1Are you a commercial mortgage broker, an SBA lender, or a banker? Do you need commercial real estate loans right now?

For just $199, this 90-minute course will teach you exactly how to turn on a flow of commercial loan leads as easily as turning on a spigot.  This course assumes that your marketing budget is tiny and that you need to start closing commercial deals right away.

This is a brand-new course that was written in 2019 by attorney George Blackburne III, the old man and marketing guru himself.  Mr. Blackburne is the founder of both Blackburne & Sons and C-Loans, Inc.  He has closed more than 1,000 commercial loans.  He will share with you all of his tricks and techniques, developed over his 39 years in the business, and how to use today's modern technology to make you a GIANT in commercial real estate finance.

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