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You just hit the jackpot! In a few seconds, even you- oh, suspicious one - will agree.

Here's the deal. This is old man Blackburne writing to you. I have two wonderful sons who have recently joined me in the commercial mortgage business. I also have a bad heart. (Heart attack at age 50. Triple bypass.) I am therefore trying to write down everything I have ever learned in my 34 years in this business so that when I fall over from another heart attack soon, my sons will have a reference library to which they can later refer.

Does the old man know anything worth learning? My commercial hard money mortgage company, Blackburne & Sons, is one of the oldest commercial mortgage companies in the industry. After 34 years, we have survived at least four serious real estate recessions. We were one of a very small handful of commercial lenders that was continuously in the market throughout the Great Recession. I also founded the oldest and the largest of the commercial mortgage portals, Finally, I am an attorney too, licensed in California and Indiana. So yeah, the old man has a few things to share with you.

Let's talk about your pocketbook. You could pay me thousands of dollars to train you in commercial mortgage finance. I have trained over 10,000 practicing commercial mortgage brokers, and I have earned close to $1 million in training fees. But you don't have to pay me one red cent to spy on my training lessons to my sons.

You'll learn about the new Debt Yield Ratio, and why life companies and conduits are now using this strange, new ratio. You'll learn about the Debt Service Coverage Ratio. You will finally understand the Loan-to-Cost Ratio. And let's talk about Cap Rates. I reduce this difficult subject down to baby language.

"Okay, George, this all sounds wonderful ... but what's the catch?"

There isn't one. All you have to do is to sign up for my blog. In a few moments I am going to give you a link to my blog. You fill in your email address. That's it. You're done. Within months, by reading my blog articles, you will become a near-expert in this business.

God gave me a special talent. He made me stupid. It is soooo hard for me to learn. I used to drive my law professors crazy because I just couldn't "get it" . My professors would have to pound ideas into my thick skull. But I ended up graduating from law school with honors.

My point is that I have to learn concepts using baby language - really simple terms with LOTS of examples. And that's how I teach my sons (and you).

"Okay, George, I am intrigued ... but I am even more suspicious."

Why? Every day or two you'll receive an email from me with the day's lesson about commercial real estate finance. And as you're reading this wonderful, new blog article and enjoying my free, wonderful training, I will be out playing golf.

Huh? That's right. My friends call me The Golf Slut because I never-ever-ever turn down an invitation to play golf. How can I play golf four days per week? When you receive my blog articles, you will also remember Blackburne & Sons or You'll bring us deals, I'll make lots of money (and so will you), and I'll be the one complaining about a putt that broke left instead of right.

Are you smart enough to kiss Jennifer Anniston if she asked you? (Sorry, you ladies please replace Jennifer Anniston with Tom Selleck.) If so, please click here, find my ugly picture, find the box below it, and insert your email address.

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