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Cool Tools and Gifts for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

This free commercial loan placement kit includes a list of 200 commercial lenders, a commercial loan checklist, a superb whitepaper on placing commercial loans, and a short video that will teach you structured finance. 


I can teach you how to turn on a flow of commercial loan applicants as easily as turning on a spigot.  We sell our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course separately on C-Loans for $199.  Here is how to get it for free!

Get a Free Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

Surely you know at least one banker who is actively making commercial real estate loans today.  How would you like to parlay that one contact into 750 similar contacts? We'll trade you the contact information of that one banker for a list of 750 loan officers working at commercial banks and other lenders who are actively making commercial loans.  These 750 lenders are different for the 750 commercial lenders listed on C-Loans.

If you need to place a commercial loan right now, please don't get distracted by all of the pretty buttons on this page. Instead, get 750 commercial lenders competing for your client's commercial loan immediately by first entering your contact information. 

Submit Your Loan to 750 Commercial   Lenders Using  It's Free! 

This wonderful manual, available now for free, will take you from an absolute newbie to a near-expert in commercial real estate finance ("CREF").  We sell our Income Property Underwriting Manual elsewhere on our site for $199.  You will learn such things as debt service coverage ratios, operating expense ratios, on-site and off-site management factors, reserves for replacement, capitalization rates (cap rates), vacancy factors, collection loss reserves, loan constants, and dozens of other financial ratios and terms.

Free $199 Commercial  Underwriting Manual

Although I am licensed as an attorney, at heart I am a commercial mortgage broker, just like you.  About thirty years ago I got tired of millionaire borrowers lying to me and canceling on me, so I went to law school, at night and with two kids in diapers.  I never missed a class in four years, and I briefed every case.  I graduated with honors and passed the Bar on my first attempt.  Then I used my new knowledge to develop a very short, practical mortgage broker fee agreement that has made me at least $1 million over the decades.  This week (11/18) I collected on a $33,000 judgement against a borrower who had cancelled on me.  I sell this wonderful fee agreement elsewhere on this site for $199.  Want to get a free copy of it?

Free Mortgage Broker  Fee Agreement 

Not sure how large of a loan your borrower qualifies for? Try using our Commercial Loan Size Calculator. It is a free tool that will help you determine a realistic loan size for your borrower.

Commercial Loan Calculator

The best work I have ever done is my training course, the Practice of Commercial Mortgage Brokerage.  You will learn over 65 tips on improving your commercial loan business.  I will take you from "just getting by" to "comfortable".  

You can buy commercial mortgage leads from C-Loans for just $1 to $9 apiece, plus 37.5 bps. if the deal closes.


You can learn commercial real estate finance in just one really-really intensive day of training. 

Nine-Hour Video Training Course  How to Broker Commercial Loans

If you know how to effectively market for commercial real estate loans, you can make more money than many physicians.


If none of the 750 commercial lenders on are willing to fund your deal, you can download a free list of 200 more (not quite as aggressive) commercial lenders. If you like it, you can buy the whole list of 2,500 commercial lenders.


The real money in real estate finance is in loan servicing. Get your own private investors and become a hard money lender. Stop getting turned down. Become Loan Committee!


We once paid a referral fee of $21,250.


Just 15 to 30 minutes with George Blackburne could solve your commercial real estate finance problem.


Intermediate Commercial Mortgage Training. This Program is Perfect For Folks Who Have Been Brokering Commercial Loans for 2-5 Years. Seven Hours of Audio Training on CD - Only $299.

You Can Now Use C-Loans to Create a Gorgeous PDF of Your Commercial Loan Packages. Once you've reduced your commercial loan package to a simple PDF you can email it to dozens of potential commercial lenders.

Earn $5,000 Referral Fees in Your Sleep.   Do you have a mortgage or real estate web page?  Simply create a button or banner that says "Commercial Mortgages" and point it to our wonderful on-line commercial mortgage application system.  Your clients will enjoy access to this wonderful system for free (a competitor charges $695 per year to access his system), and you will earn 1/8th of a point on any loan that closes.

Earn $2,000 Every Time You Blast Out Your E-Mail Newsletter.  Do you send out an email newsletter to real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and/or investors?  If so you can earn huge referral fees by simply imbedding a hyperlink at the bottom of your newsletter.

Learn to Underwrite Commercial Mortgage Loans - Only $199.  Our Income Property Underwriting Manual is so easy to read that a residential loan agent can sit down and in just 90 minutes he will be able to underwrite multi-million dollar commercial loans like a pro.  The best deal is buying our Combo Package described below.

Learn How to Market for Commercial Mortgage Loans - Only $199.  There are dozens of ways to waste money advertising for commercial mortgage loans.  Only a tiny handful of methods actually work.  I know. I have been soliciting commercial mortgage loans for 23 years.  Learn the methods that work as easily and effectively as turning on a faucet.  The best deal is buying our Combo Package described below.

Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement Prepared by an Attorney Only $199.  If you aren't using a fee agreement, your borrower will know that you are a rookie.  If you are using a homemade fee agreement, you will quickly learn that it costs more to enforce in terms of legal fees than the amount of your commission.  When you have just lost a $10,000 commission, and your attorney is asking for a $15,000 retainer, wise up and order my famous fee agreement.  Stop the madness!  The best deal is our Combo Package described below.

Combo Package: Get All 3 Commercial Financing Tools For Just $249.  By buying our Combo Package, you can receive for just $249 all of the following: our Income Property Underwriting Manual, our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual (this offer does not include the 90-minute marketing training video), and our famous Fee Agreement (this offer does not include our 90-minute fee collection video).  Armed with these 3 manuals, you can become a near-expert in commercial mortgage finance. 

Earn a $2,000 Referral Fee For One Quick Phone Call or E-Mail.  We pay a 20% referral fee for commercial mortgage leads.  All we need is a name and a telephone number.

Commercial Construction Loans Apply to 500 Construction Lenders in Four Minutes. Need an apartment construction loan or a commercial construction loan? Are you building an office building, retail center, industrial building, or any other type of income-producing property? Want to apply in just four minutes to our 500 construction lenders right now? If so, please click here.

Need an Expert Witness?
Mr. Blackburne is available to assist private investors as an expert witness who have lost money due to the fraudulent conduct of brokers. Where a mortgage broker is unjustly accused of fraud, he is also available to testify as an expert.

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Conduit Loans. Conduit lenders – several hundred of them with fantastic commercial loan rates – await your commercial mortgage mini-app. Click here to apply.

Here is the software you will need to service hard money loans.
We have been using this loan servicing software to service our own hard money loans for over 12 years, and we love it.

Commercial Property Loans and Commercial Property Lenders. Commercial property loans from seven hundred different commercial property lenders can be obtained by completing this short commercial mortgage mini-app. Click here to apply. Click here to apply.

Advice for Commercial Mortgage Brokers. The other day a struggling commercial mortgage broker wrote to me and begged for my advice. He wasn't closing a thing, and he was scared to death. Here is what I told him...

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