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You can learn almost the entire profession of commercial real estate finance (CREF) by studying the web pages in this section.  May be you should bookmark it?  You can learn the rest by reading our free CREF training blog, Commercial Loans Blog.  If you subscribe to our blog, you’ll receive, in addition to a free e-book about commercial real estate finance, one or two additional training articles every week.  You’ll learn about such things as preferred equity, mezzanine loans, CV’s, the new debt yield ratio (not to be confused with the debt service coverage ratio), and the net-worth-to-loan-size ratio.  This is all free training, so we urge you to take a moment  right now and click on the link above that reads, “subscribe to our blog."

My name is George Blackburne III.  I am an attorney, licensed in California and Indiana, as well as the founder and owner of both C-Loans, Inc. and Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation.  Blackburne & Sons (est. 1980) is one of the oldest private money (hard money) commercial mortgage companies in the country.  If you are a borrower, developer, or a commercial real estate broker, C-Loans will help you find a good commercial real estate loan.  If you are a commercial mortgage broker, C-Loans will not only help you to close your commercial deal, but it will also teach you how to market for commercial for more commercial loans, how to underwrite commercial loans, how to package them, where to place them, and how to get paid for your hard work.


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