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Free $199 Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Manual

We Sell Our Popular Commercial Mortgage Underwiting Manual For $199.
Enter a Commercial Loan Into C-Loans and Get Your Copy For Free!

This easy-to-read guide that will teach you everything you need to know about underwriting and brokering commercial mortgage loans. This is not some dull text book about the capitalization of commercial property cash flow streams. Boring! This training manual is designed to get a residential loan agent up to speed arranging commercial loans in just one afternoon. In fact, that's exactly how this manual got started, as a training manual for our own commercial mortgage loan officers.

You will also learn debt service coverage ratios, operating expense ratios, on-site and off-site management factors, reserves for replacement, capitalization rates (cap rates), vacancy factors, collection loss reserves and loan constants. You will learn about forward takeout commitments, standby commitments and bow-ties. You will learn how to underwrite construction loans, including the difference between loan-to-value ratios and loan-to-cost ratios, developer's profit analysis, contingency reserves, interest reserves, and general contractor's overhead and profit factors. You'll learn the difference between gross leases and full service leases and industrial gross leases and net leases and net-net leases and triple-net leases. You'll also learn the difference between scheduled rents and effective rents, plus a whole lot more.

So how do you learn the secrets of commercial real estate finance (CREF) for free?  Simply enter a commercial loan into and submit it to six lenders.  Once you have submitted your commercial loan to six lenders, send a simple email to me, Tom Blackburne. In the subject line, please write, "I've Submitted a Commercial Loan Using C-Loans." I will promptly send you a free copy of this wonderful $199 manual.

Important Note:  A lot of brokers get confused.  They click on one of our many call-to-action buttons, those gray boxes on our home page, seeking some freebie, like a list of 200 commercial lenders or a free commercial loan placement kit.  They fill in their name and address, along with some informnation about a loan, and then think they have submitted a loan.  Filling in a little form to get a freebie is NOT submitting a commercial loan using C-Loans.

The C-Loans submission process involves six steps.  Step 1 of 6, the registration process, can be found at the top of our home page, right below "Borrowers and Brokers..."  In Step 6 of 6 you will choose six lenders from the Suggested Lender List and then press Submit.

One final point.  When you do register, please make sure that you use your real email address, not your spam email address.  Our 750 commercial lenders will often reply to you by email.  In addition, the idea here is for me to be able reach out to you every three weeks and remind you when it makes sense to bring your commercial loans to us here at Blackburne & Sons, our very old (est. 1980) private money commercial mortgage company.  If you are uncomfortable providing your real email address, then my offer to give you a free $199 underwriting manual is withdrawn.  I am relying on your honor not to proceed with this deal.  But you'll enjoy our newsletters.  They are a blast - with lots of jokes, funny pics, and training lessons in commercial real estate finance.

So simply go to our C-Loans home page and fill out your contact information in Step One of Six, the registration section of C-Loans, and begin the process of entering your commercial loan.  Once you've registered and submitted your commercial loan application to six lenders, please send a simple email to me, Tom  Blackburne.  In the subject line, please write, "I've Submitted a Commercial Loan Using C-Loans."  I will promptly send you a free copy of this wonderful $199 manual.


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