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The way that C-Loans.com works is that we only allow approved lead buyers to enter our Lender Vault.  Once in the Lender Vault, the lead buyer searches for available leads.  "Okay, computer, please show me every available lead of $500,000 or greater, secured by either a multifamily project, an office building, a retail building, or an industrial building, in Northern Illinois."

Since you have pre-paid for your leads, you can then just select and buy your leads like candy.  You'll find the purchase price of our leads to be trivial, anywhere from around $1 to $9 apiece.  You then work them, get the packages in the door, and submit them to your favorite bankers.

When the deal closes, however, you are honor-bound to notify us so that we can submit to you an invoice for our 37.5 bps. software licensing fee.  Honor-bound.  "Aye, there's the rub."  It is obviously easy for lead buyers to cheat us.  How would we even know if you closed a deal?  Well, we have our ways, but occasionally a deal slips past us, and we are totally reliant on the honesty of the lead buyer.

This leads us to an unfortunate subject.  Over the past few years, we have caught a number of leads buyers cheating us.  Unfortunately for us, they proved to be paupers, and it made no economic sense to sue them.  This lead to the following policy change:

In order to qualify to buy leads from us, you must demonstrate (1) that you are of good character, as demonstrated by a credit score of 700 or higher; (2) that you extensive experience in commercial real estate finance, as demonstrated by a solid CV; (3) that you are financially successful enough not to be tempted to cheat us when a deal closes (I've got a lot of bills right now, so I'll pay C-Loans next month); and (4) that you have enough assets to assure C-Loans that it could collect a judgment against you, as demonstrated by a net worth of at least $700,000.

If you don't qualify, don't give up.  There is still a path for you to buy our dirt cheap commercial leads.  It starts with you entering outside commercial loan applications into C-Loans.com.  When you have closed two commercial loans using C-Loans.com, we will let you buy our dirt cheap commercial leads, even if you don't otherwise qualify.  When you have closed your second deal, just email Tom Blackburne, the General Manager of C-Loans, Inc., and share the good news.  

"Gee, Tom, I actually meet all of the above criteria - credit, net worth, etc., but this whole application process is scaring me right now."

C-Loans, Inc., stands to make you a ton of money.  Glenn Gioseffi of Asset Backed Funding, Jason Bengert of SBC Finance, and Paul Elis of PMB Capital have each closed more than 40 commercial real estate loans for C-Loans.  In December of 2017, Les Agisim of Trevor Cole Commercial closed his 50th loan for C-Loans.  FIFTY commercial loans.  In commercial real estate finance, that is a whole lot of deals.  Each of these guys has earned over $500,000 in loan fees using C-Loans leads.  Les Agisim and Paul Elis, because Paul also earns loan servicing fees, have probably earned over $1 million using C-Loans leads.

Here's what we need in your application package:

  1. Current 1003 residential loan application
  2. CV or resume demonstrating substantial experience in commerial real estate finance
  3. Current credit report
  4. Signed Lead Purchase Agreement
  5. Check for $1,000 made payable to C-Loans, Inc.

If your application to buy leads is turned down for any reason, your entire $1,000 will be refunded.  If your application is approved, the entire $1,000 will be credited to your account towards the purchase of leads.  There is no refund of lead purchase credits for any reason, including the fact that a particular lead was crumby or defective.  Some will be worthless; but others will make you tens of thousands of dollars.  Its a numbers game.

What if your credit score is less than 700, you are fairly new to commercial real estate finance, or your net worth is less than $700,000?  I'm sorry, but our supply of leads is not unlimited.  We make virtually nothing when we sell leads.  We make our dough when the deals close.  If the situation was reversed, you too would want only meticulously honest professionals with great salesmanship ability working your leads.  Please do not call and ask us to make an exception.  We field calls from at least four unqualifed applicants to buy leads every business day.  Instead, focus your energies on entering new commercial loans into C-Loans.com.  The sooner that you close two commercial loans using C-Loans, the sooner you can start buying leads.

If you do qualify, please send your check by snail mail or overnight courier to our Sacramento office below.  Then please send the rest of your application package to me by PDF using my email address below.  Thanks.

And guys, if you are qualified, this is one of the most "worth it" investments of time you will ever make.  The Blackburne Family of commercial real estate finance companies (Blackburne & Sons, C-Loans, Inc., CommercialMortgage.com) has already been in business for 37 years now.  The one-hour investment of time that you make today should pay you dividends for decades.

Lastly, you only have to pay upfront for leads until you have closed five loans for us.  After that, we'll list your little commercial mortgage company on C-Loans.com as a Proven Broker.  From then on, for the rest of your career, you'll receive leads every day to your email address without a penny upfront.  This continues even if you change banks or mortgage companies four or five times.  Your closings follow you to your new bank.

For those of you who can qualify, this is sooo worth it.

Tom Blackburne
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4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95841
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