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Volume 5: Issue 2 | Date: February 4, 2021


You are receiving this letter because you are either a high-net-worth client of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation (since 1980) or you once applied for a commercial real estate loan of $1 million or more using C-Loans.com or CommercialMortgage.com. Blackburne & Sons and C-Loans, Inc. are sister companies.

Today we’ll discuss why the U.S. dollar keeps falling. We also have lots of cute, clean jokes, some funny pics, and a video of 12 of the funniest Super Bowl commercials of all time.


Joke Du Jour

The teacher asked her students, “Who can tell me what the ruler of Russia was called?”

“Czar,” the class replied in unison.

“Correct. And what was his wife called?”

“Czarina,” the class replied.

“Good! And what were his children called?”

A timid voice piped up, “Czardines?”


You are a Private Client

of Blackburne & Sons

Please be sure to tell us when you call. "George asked me to mention that I am a Private Client of the firm.” My loan officers are trained to snap to attention. Our commercial mortgage office number is 916-338-3232. 

Alternatively, you can apply for a business-purpose loan secured by a commercial or non-owner occupied property.

Blackburne & Sons, our private money commercial lending company, continues to seek slightly-flawed first mortgages between $100,000 to $1.5 million on standing commercial properties nationwide.

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Ant Joke

The teacher was giving her class of seven-year-olds a nature history lesson. "Worker ants," she told them, "can carry pieces of food five times their own weight. What do you conclude from that?" One child was ready with the answer, "They don't have a union?"


- Today's Observation -

The U.S. Dollar Keeps Falling

"The greenback has lost around 6.5% against a basket of major currencies over the course of 2020, racking up a loss against every developed market currency, and now trades around its lowest since April 2018." So wrote the Business Insider on the December 16th. Since the 16th, the dollar has fallen even further. It ended the year down a whopping 6.7%.

A falling dollar does affect your life. The years of continuously falling prices at Wal-Mart are now at an end. The Chinese have snuffed out American manufacturing, so there is less competitive pressure to keep lowering prices. I predict that you will finally notice these higher prices at Wal-Mart this year. "Gee, didn't bicycles used to be much cheaper?"

So why is the dollar falling? Due to COVID, the U.S. government has set the dangerous precedent of just creating money and giving it away. In the words of Chuck Butler, a popular commentator on currencies, "... once you give somebody something for nothing, they will expect more, and more, and more, etc.   And so we are in our second of those 'mores'…"

There is another surprising reason why the dollar may be falling steadily in future, which will result in painful inflation. China will soon surpass the U.S. militarily. An ocean that is 12,300 miles wide may no longer be wide enough to protect us. Chinese missile ships, 1,000 miles off our coasts, will soon be able to accurately fly missiles into the windows of any military target or economic facility here in America. Yikes.

It's no wonder that the smart money is looking at Bitcoin and gold.


Earn Up to 12% Interest in Your IRA or Kid’s College Fund

It is important that you please grasp the concept that you could be borrowing from Blackburne & Sons against some rental or commercial property at the very same time that you are using your IRA to invest $30,000 in one of our first trust deed investments. Many of our biggest trust deed investors first came to us twenty years ago as commercial property borrowers.


You probably have money set aside for your retirement and for the cost of college for your children and grandchildren. It shouldn't all be invested in the stock market. In California, the first trust deed investment business is huge. A recent law change - the JOBS Act - now allows accredited investors nationwide to also invest in these same first trust deeds and first mortgages.


Mixed Emotions Joke

Q: What's the definition of mixed emotions? 

A: When you see your mother-in-law backing off a cliff in your new car. 


Why You Should Stay Close to Blackburne & Sons

Founded in 1980, Blackburne & Sons is an old-time syndicator. There are very few of us left. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 pretty much nuked the whole syndication industry off the face of the Earth. Because you know a syndicator, you now have access to some special money.


Because every loan we make is a new syndicate (as opposed to a fund investment), Blackburne & Sons is always in the market.

So stick close to us. Syndicators are pretty rare, and now you know one.

Apply to Blackburne & Sons Very Soft Hard Money Loans

Here is a scenario that might tickle you. You could have $100,000 from your self-directed IRA spread out among four or five first trust deeds from Blackburne & Sons, and at the very same time you could be borrowing $250,000 from Blackburne & Sons on an apartment building that you are fixing up in Boston. 

Not every hard money lender is the same. Our loans have a 30-year amortization (almost interest-only), a 15-year term, and no prepayment penalty. You never want to have a hard money loan ballooning during a recession. 


First Date Joke

My wife asked me, “Why don’t you treat me like you did when we were first dating!?” So I took her to dinner and a movie, and then I dropped her off at her parents’ house.


CommercialMortgage.com has thousands and thousands of commercial real estate lenders. Ever wonder where we get them? 

We have a standing trade offer where we will trade a copy of my famous 9-hour video training course, Learn to Broker Commercial Loans ($549), for a list of 20 commercial real estate loan officers working for banks and credit unions. As a result, the list of commercial lenders on  CommercialMortgage.com is constantly growing.

If you find a lender who has left the bank, please find out his replacement (we’ll need his address, phone, and email), please write to Tom Blackburne (tommy@blackburne.com) and he’ll send you a choice of TWO of the following: 

(1) Income Property Underwriting Manual

(2) Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

(3) Loan Broker Fee Agreement

(4) Regional copy of The Blackburne List of commercial lenders.

C-Loans.com is a commercial mortgage portal. It will take you just four minutes to complete your mini-app.

Then C-Loans will sort through its databank of 750 commercial lenders and produce for you a custom-generated Suggested Lender List containing twenty to thirty lenders who are  perfect for your particular deal.

You put a check mark next to six lenders and then press, "Submit." Within minutes hungry commercial lenders will be contacting you with offers.

Apply Now!


State Joke

My body is in a disgusting, embarrassing, totally repulsive state right now. New Jersey, I'm in New Jersey.


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Video - 12 of the Funniest Super Bowl Commercials


Final Funny

A man told the ringmaster that he was interested in joining the circus as a lion tamer. The ringmaster asked if he had any experience.

The man said, "Why, yes. My father was one of the most famous lion tamers in the world, and he taught me everything he knew."

"Really?" said the ringmaster. "Did he teach you how to make a lion jump through a flaming hoop?" "Yes he did," the man replied. "And did he teach you how to have six lions form a pyramid?" "Yes he did," the man replied.

"And have you ever stuck your head in a lion's mouth?" "Just once," the man replied. The ringmaster asked, "Why only once?" The man said, "I was looking for my father."


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