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Volume 4: Issue 9 | Date: August 3, 2020


You are receiving this letter because you are either a high-net-worth client of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation (since 1980) or you once applied for a commercial real estate loan of $1 million or more using C-Loans.com or CommercialMortgage.com. Blackburne & Sons and C-Loans, Inc. are sister companies.

Today we’ll talk about how the Chinese could sink our $13 billion aircraft carriers before our aircraft could even reach them. As always, we have lots of cute, clean jokes, funny pictures, and a video of the aftermath of the Minneapolis riots.


Joke Du Jour

As I was attempting to take a shower one day, my two-year-old little girl and my husband couldn't seem to stay out of the bathroom. They also kept leaving the door wide open. "So much for privacy," I thought. But there was a cool breeze coming into the bathroom too, and I was getting chilled. After asking them to shut the door several times, with no luck, I shouted gruffly, "Close the door! There's a draft in here!” My two-year-old daughter ran into the bathroom, shouting, "Where? Where? Where’s the giraffe?”


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Please be sure to tell us when you call. "George asked me to mention that I am a Private Client of the firm.” My loan officers are trained to snap to attention. Our commercial mortgage office number is 916-338-3232. 

Alternatively, you can apply for a business-purpose loan secured by a commercial or non-owner occupied property.


Shark Joke

"Researchers in Hawaii recently put webcams on the fins of sharks so they could get a firsthand view of what the sharks see. The first thing they saw? A shark eating the guy who strapped a webcam on its fin.” — Jimmy Fallon


Earn Up to 12% Interest in Your IRA or Kid’s College Fund

It is important that you please grasp the concept that you could be borrowing from Blackburne & Sons against some rental or commercial property at the very same time that you are using your IRA to invest $30,000 in one of our first trust deed investments. Many of our biggest trust deed investors first came to us twenty years ago as commercial property borrowers.


You probably have money set aside for your retirement and for the cost of college for your children and grandchildren. It shouldn't all be invested in the stock market. In California, the first trust deed investment business is huge. A recent law change - the JOBS Act - now allows accredited investors nationwide to also invest in these same first trust deeds and first mortgages.


Listening Joke

I hate it when my wife says, "Are you listening to me?!” It’s such a random way to start a conversation.


Want to Speak With a Blackburne & Sons Loan Rep?

Blackburne & Sons, our private money commercial lending company, continues to seek slightly-flawed first mortgages between $100,000 to $1.5 million on standing commercial properties nationwide.

To apply for a private money commercial loan from Blackburne & Sons, please click on your favorite loan officer below to send them an email:


Bark Joke

We have an old tree that became diseased and was losing its bark. It needed a bark transplant, so we called a tree surgeon. The communication was unfortunately mangled, and when the surgeon arrived, he went to work on a tree across the street. He was halfway done when I noticed the error. I tried to stop him by yelling, "Stop! Stop! You're barking up the wrong tree!” 


- Today's Observation -

Our $13B Aircraft Carriers Are Outranged

Just like the French knights attacking the English longbow men at the Battle of Crecy, America’s $13 billion aircraft carrier have a range problem. Ballistic missiles, particularly China’s carrier-killer DF-26, can easily outrange America’s carrier fleet. The range of a typical carrier combat plane, with a nine-ton payload, is only 1,300 miles. The range of the Chinese DF-26 carrier-killer ballistic missile is a whopping 2,490 miles.

The battleship in World War II became obsolete, once it was outranged by the aircraft carrier. I don't think a single battleship from either side even fired a shot on an enemy aircraft carrier. In the same way, the American aircraft carrier faces range obsolescence in the age of the missile. Imagine a grammar school fight with the schoolyard bully. The tough little guy wants to get close enough to land some blows on the bigger guy, but the bully can just put his palm on the smaller guy's forehead and keep his punches from falling.

The U.S. military has woken up to the problem. We are racing to develop midair refueling drones, which would accompany our aircraft on bombing missions and refuel them in flight.  This would allow us to reach Chinese targets. Unfortunately, we don't have these unmanned refueling drones yet, and war may break out before they ever reach the Far East theater of operations.

This is why I read with interest an article in the National Interest, a magazine dedicated to military matters. The article mentioned the work of Dr. TX Hammes, a retired Marine Corps colonel and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies.

The article described Hammes’ solution - to phase out America’s carriers and to replace them with a large fleet of small, inexpensive missile-armed merchant ships. Outfitting former merchant ships with missile launchers would be a substantial cost savings for the Navy. A mere $5 billion would be enough to create forty missile merchant ships supplied with between 1600-2000 missiles, requiring only 1,600 sailors to crew all forty of them. According to Hammes, these merchant vessels, whether they be tankers or container ships, are more expendable, tougher, and have a lower profile than aircraft carriers or other surface ships. Developing conversion kits and experience too quickly modify merchant ships into missile platforms would allow the U.S. to quickly mobilize, in time of war, by converting even more merchant ships. 

I fear that a conventional missile war with China is coming. What if the economic damage to China from COVID and the resulting worldwide condemnation is far greater than what we have been told? What if the Chinese public starts to get restless, and the communists fear that they they are losing their grip on power? The classic move would be to go to war with someone - this time with the U.S. over Taiwan - so that the Chinese people would rally around the flag.

Both sides know that a nuclear war would destroy most life on Earth; therefore these missiles will NOT be nuclear-armed. These will be conventional missiles; but they will also be incredibly accurate. The Russians are working on nuclear-powered missiles that could even reach Indianapolis. Yikes! Heavens, I sure hope our next President follows the advice of Dr. Hammes. As I often tell my kids, history doesn't always happen to the other guy.


Eggs Joke

It always irked my mother that her grocery store didn’t carry eggs in packages of six - just by the dozen. Then one day her wish came true. She walked into the grocery and found fresh eggs in cartons of six. She was so excited, she bought two!


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Carpool Lane Joke

Cop: So, I’m writing you a ticket for driving alone in the carpool lane. 

Criminal: You’re going to feel really stupid when you look in my trunk!


Why You Want to Stay Close to Blackburne & Sons

Founded in 1980, Blackburne & Sons is an old-time syndicator. There are very few of us left. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 pretty much nuked the whole syndication industry off the face of the Earth. Because you know a syndicator, you now have access to some special money.

If you need a fix and flip loan, a buy-to-rent loan, a bridge loan, or even a permanent loan on, say, on your single-wide trailer park in Georgia, we'll make you a private money loan. We've been syndicating hard money loans for 40 years.

If you have some dough set aside for your kid's college, and you want to be extra careful with it, we'll put you into a first trust deed investment (8% to 12% yields) on, say, a nice 8-unit apartment building in San Jose, California.

Let's suppose you are richer than Crassus, and you want to speculate in 11% and 12% first trust deeds. We've got them.

Please be very wise and play close attention to the following:


Because every loan we make is a new syndicate (as opposed to a fund investment), Blackburne & Sons is always in the market.

When the stock market has fallen by 40%, when real estate values are falling like a knife, and when your own bank is too terrified to lend you a dime, Blackburne & Sons always has a group of savvy investors willing to lend - admittedly at a price - when blood is running in the streets. We are one of a tiny handful of lenders who remained in the market, making loans, every single day of the Great Recession.

So stick close to us. Syndicators are pretty rare, and now you know one.


Mayday Joke

Ralph was towing his boat home from a fishing trip in Jamaica Bay when his car broke down.  He didn't have his cell phone with him, but he thought maybe he might be able to raise someone on his marine radio to call for roadside assistance. He climbed into his boat, clicked on the radio and said, "Mayday, mayday.” A Coast Guard officer came on and said, "State your location.” "I-95, two miles south of Cranston.” After a very long pause, the officer asked, "How fast were you going when you reached shore?”


Quickly Find 30 Commercial Lenders For Your Deal

CommercialMortgage.com has thousands and thousands of commercial real estate lenders. Ever wonder where we get them? 

We have a standing trade offer where we will trade a copy of my famous 9-hour video training course, Learn to Broker Commercial Loans ($549), for a list of 20 commercial real estate loan officers working for banks and credit unions. As a result, the list of commercial lenders on CommercialMortgage.com is constantly growing.

If you find a lender who has left the bank, please find out his replacement (we’ll need his address, phone, and email), please write to Tom Blackburne (tommy@blackburne.com) and he’ll send you a choice of TWO of the following: 

(1) Income Property Underwriting Manual

(2) Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

(3) Loan Broker Fee Agreement

(4) Regional copy of The Blackburne List of commercial lenders.


Scarface Joke

In Mexico authorities captured the world's most wanted drug kingpin. He was hiding in a tiny little apartment. It was very anti-climactic. It was like Scarface saying, "Say hello to my little… kitchenette.” — Craig Ferguson


Apply to Blackburne & Sons For a (Very Soft) Hard Money Loan

Here is a scenario that might tickle you. You could have $100,000 from your self-directed IRA spread out among four or five first trust deeds from Blackburne & Sons, and at the very same time you could be borrowing $250,000 from Blackburne & Sons on an apartment building that you are fixing up in Boston. Not every hard money lender is the same. Our loans have a 30-year amortization (almost interest-only), a 15-year term, and no prepayment penalty. You never want to have a hard money loan ballooning during a recession. 


Girl Scout Cookies Joke

"A girl in San Francisco actually sold Girl Scout cookies at a medical marijuana clinic this week; which is why today she bought a mansion and retired.” — Jimmy Fallon


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Video - The Aftermath in Minneapolis


Final Funny

I was out walking with my four-year-old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away from her, and I asked her not to do that.  Why?" my daughter asked. "Because it's been on the ground,” I replied. “You don't know where it's been, it's dirty, and probably has germs." 

At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked, "Mommy, how do you know all this stuff? You are so smart.” I was thinking quickly.” All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mommy Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mommy.” We walked along in silence for two or three minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information. 

“Oh, I get it!" she beamed, "So if you don't pass the test, you have to be the Daddy." “Exactly," I replied back with a big smile on my face.





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