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Mortgage Investment Opportunities for Private Investors Since 1980


Volume 4: Issue 2 | Date: February 19, 2020

You are receiving this letter because you are either a high-net-worth client of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation (since 1980) or you once applied for a commercial real estate loan of $1 million or more using C-Loans.com or CommercialMortgage.com. Blackburne & Sons and C-Loans, Inc. are sister companies.

Today we’ll discuss a scenario where several thousand, high-net-worth, U.S. real estate investors succumb to pneumonia, sadly creating some attractive commercial real estate opportunities. We also have lots of cute, clean jokes, some funny pics, and a cute video of the smallest pony you have ever seen.


Joke Du Jour

When our second child was on the way, my wife and I attended a pre-birth class aimed at couples who had already had at least one child. The instructor raised the issue of breaking the news to the older child. It went like this: "Some parents," she said, "tell the older child, 'We love you so much we decided to bring another child into this family.' But think about that. Ladies, what if your husband came home one day and said, 'Honey, I love you so much I decided to bring home another wife.'"  One of the women spoke up immediately. "Does she cook???”


You Are Now a Private Client of Blackburne & Sons

Please be sure to tell us when you call. "George asked me to mention that I am a Private Client of the firm.” My loan officers are trained to snap to attention. Our commercial mortgage office number is 916-338-3232. 

Alternatively, you can apply for a commercial real estate loan or a non-owner-occupied home loan.


911 Joke

Dispatcher: "Nine-one-one. What is your emergency?"

Caller: "I heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the brown house on the corner."

Dispatcher: "Do you have an address?" 

Caller: "No, I have on a blouse and slacks. Why?


Earn Up to 12% Interest in Your IRA or Your Kid’s College Fund

It is important that you please grasp the concept that you could be borrowing from Blackburne & Sons against some rental or commercial property at the very same time that you are using your IRA to invest $30,000 in one of our first trust deed investments. Many of our biggest trust deed investors first came to us twenty years ago as commercial property borrowers.


You probably have money set aside for your retirement and for the cost of college for your children and grandchildren. It shouldn't all be invested in the stock market. In California, the first trust deed investment business is huge. A recent law change - the JOBS Act - now allows accredited investors nationwide to also invest in these same first trust deeds and first mortgages.


Call For Money Joke

You have $400 and your daughter calls and needs $250. Later on you son calls and needs $100. What do you have left? Four-hundred dollars and two missed phone calls!


Very Reasonable Investment Scheduled to Yield 26% Annually

As you consider this investment scheduled to yield 26%, please keep in mind that Blackburne & Sons has been in business for almost forty years, and that I am an attorney licensed in both California and Indiana. This is a real life deal, and I personally believe that this is the best investment we have ever offered in our 40 years in business (established 1980). Why? Because this developer has built sixty hotels. Sixty! Is this a risk-free investment? Of course not, but he probably got pretty good at building hotels after his third completed hotel.


Want to Speak With a Loan Officer From Blackburne & Sons?

Blackburne & Sons, our private money commercial lending company, continues to seek slightly-flawed first mortgages between $100,000 to $1.5 million on standing commercial properties nationwide.

To apply for a private money commercial loan from Blackburne & Sons, please click on your favorite loan officer below to send them an email:


Insurance Joke (I sent this funny to my insurance agent.)

A man phoned to find out whether he could get insurance if the nearby volcano erupted…  They assured him he would be covered.


- Today's Opportunity -

When Thousands of Big Real Estate Investors Die

If you are over the age of 50, you really need to pay attention. China has been cremating bodies without designating them as coronavirus victims. I suspect lots and lots of them. The death rate has almost certainly been under-disclosed. Funerals have been forbidden. If a coronavirus victim dies, his body is often immediately shipped off to the crematorium. It sounds harsh and cruel, but from a disease prevention point of view, it makes necessary sense. 

Most of the people who are dying are over the age of fifty, especially those with bad hearts and lungs. They are also saying that more of the older victims are men rather than women. Maybe the virus won’t get loose in the U.S., but many experts are predicting that worldwide pandemic is statistically inevitable. It looks like the death rate is “only” around 2%; but the death rate for the Spanish Flu was only 2%. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people worldwide between 1918 and 1920.

Horribly, lots of older people in the U.S. are therefore likely to die. Most will be of modest means, but at least some of them will be wealthy commercial real estate investors. As their estates are probated and settled, a far larger than usual number of prime commercial real estate properties may come up for sale. 

Twenty years ago I was walking along Park Avenue, next to Central Park, when a grizzled old veteran pointed out to me a nice apartment building. “That’s where Jackie Onassis rents an apartment.” “You mean ‘owns an apartment’, right, Bill? Surely, Jackie O, with all of her hundreds of millions of dollars (worth billions today) owns her apartment.” “No, George," Bill said, “the truly old money would never sell an apartment building next to the Park.” Wow, the famous Jackie O was just a renter?

Finally we have arrived at today’s point. The really-really wealthy almost never sell their trophy properties. As a result of this pandemic, hundreds and hundreds of some of the nicest commercial buildings across the country are finally going to change hands. The Chinese symbol for crisis is the symbol for danger next to the symbol for opportunity.

And my friends, if you are over the age of fifty, please be among the first 20% of Americans to don a mask every time you go out.


Need a Commercial Real Estate Loan?

Apply Now!

C-Loans.com is a commercial mortgage portal. It will take you just four minutes to complete your mini-app.

Then C-Loans will sort through its databank of 750 commercial lenders and produce for you a custom-generated Suggested Lender List containing twenty to thirty lenders who are perfect for your particular deal.

You put a check mark next to six lenders and then press, "Submit." Within minutes hungry commercial lenders will be contacting you with offers.


Literature Joke

Q: What do you call it when you mix alcohol and American Literature?

A: Tequila Mockingbird.


Here's Why You Want to Stay Close to Blackburne & Sons

Founded in 1980, Blackburne & Sons is an old-time syndicator. There are very few of us left. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 pretty much nuked the whole syndication industry off the face of the Earth. Because you know a syndicator, you now have access to some special money.

If you need a fix and flip loan, a buy-to-rent loan, a bridge loan, or even a permanent loan on, say, on your single-wide trailer park in Georgia, we'll make you a private money loan. We've been syndicating hard money loans for 40 years.

If you have some dough set aside for your kid's college, and you want to be extra careful with it, we'll put you into a first trust deed investment (8% to 12% yields) on, say, a nice 8-unit apartment building in San Jose, California.

Let's suppose you are richer than Crassus, and you want to speculate in 11% and 12% first trust deeds. We've got them.

Do you find yields of even 11% to 12% too tame? Want a chance to earn 16% or 25%? We put together syndicates to provide developers with construction equity:

Please be very wise and play close attention to the following:


Because every loan we make is a new syndicate (as opposed to a fund investment), Blackburne & Sons is always in the market.

When the stock market has fallen by 40%, when real estate values are falling like a knife, and when your own bank is too terrified to lend you a dime, Blackburne & Sons always has a group of savvy investors willing to lend - admittedly at a price - when blood is running in the streets. We are one of a tiny handful of lenders who remained in the market, making loans, every single day of the Great Recession.

So stick close to us. Syndicators are pretty rare, and now you know one.


Star Wars Joke

I was watching Star Wars with my daughter. She asked why Luke was climbing inside a Tauntaun. I said to keep warm. She asked, "How warm is it inside?” I said, "Lukewarm.”


Quickly Find 30 Commercial Lenders For Your Deal

CommercialMortgage.com has thousands and thousands of commercial real estate lenders. Ever wonder where we get them? 

We have a standing trade offer where we will trade a copy of my famous 9-hour video training course, Learn to Broker Commercial Loans ($549), for a list of 20 commercial real estate loan officers working for banks and credit unions. As a result, the list of commercial lenders on CommercialMortgage.com is constantly growing.

If you find a lender who has left the bank, please find out his replacement (we’ll need his address, phone, and email), please write to Tom Blackburne at tommy@blackburne.com, and he’ll send you a choice of TWO of the following: (1) Income Property Underwriting Manual; (2) Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course; (3) Loan Broker Fee Agreement; and (4) Regional copy of The Blackburne List of commercial lenders.


Yield Sign Joke

A hesitant driver, waiting for a traffic jam to clear, came to a complete stop on the freeway ramp. Traffic thinned, but the driver still waited. Finally, a furious voice from the vehicle behind him cried, “The sign says to yield, not give up!”


Apply to Blackburne & Sons For a (Very Soft) Hard Money Loan

Here is a scenario that might tickle you. You could have $100,000 from your self-directed IRA spread out among four or five first trust deeds from Blackburne & Sons, and at the very same time you could be borrowing $250,000 from Blackburne & Sons on an apartment building that you are fixing up in Boston. Not every hard money lender is the same. Our loans have a 30-year amortization (almost interest-only), a 15-year term, and no prepayment penalty. You never want to have a hard money loan ballooning during a recession. 


Love Joke

Woman: "Do you love me?"

Man: "Yes, dear." 

Woman: "Would you die for me?"

Man: “No, mine is an undying love."


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Video - Smallest Pony I've Ever Seen

Short video but pretty cute.


Final Funny

The Catholic Church's air conditioning broke down, so they had to hire a man to crawl around in the ducts and figure out what was wrong. As the man peeked down through one of the vents in the sanctuary, he saw little old Mrs. Murphy, kneeling by the altar, apparently saying her rosary.

Since the man was a fundamental Baptist, he thought it'd be funny to try and mess with the old lady's mind. In his best authoritative voice, he said, "This is Jesus. Your prayers will be answered.” The little old lady didn't even blink. She just kept on saying her prayers. The man decided that maybe she didn't hear him, so he tried again. "This is Jesus, the Son of God. Your prayers will be answered."

Again, she didn't react at all. Mustering up a big breath of air, the man decided to try again. "THIS IS JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD! YOUR PRAYERS WILL BE ANSWERED!” The lady looks up and says, "QUIET DOWN! I'M TALKING TO YOUR MOTHER!”



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