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Volume 18: Issue 7 | Newsletter Date: September 4, 2018



CommercialMortgage.com now delivers carefully-scrubbed commercial leads for just $1,000 per year. See below.

And guys, if we make you chuckle today, won't you please-please-please refer a turndown this week to CommercialMortgage.com?


Joke Du Jour

When I was in high school, I was in the French club. We didn't really do anything. Every once in a while, we'd surrender to the German club.


Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold


Get Listed at the Top of Commercial-Mortgage-Dot-Com and Receive Free Commercial Loan Leads By Email

CommercialMortgage.com (“CMDC”) already has over 4,000 commercial real estate lenders, and use of this new commercial mortgage portal is free to borrowers and brokers. Your bank or hard money shop can get a preferred listing on CMDC for just $1,000 per year. Included in this cost are free leads that fit your commercial lending preferences. Unlike C-Loans.com, you will NOT owe a software licensing fee if a deal closes.

This opportunity is ideal for owners of hard-money mortgage companies.


Ranking on the Lender List

The sooner you become a Sponsored Lender on CommercialMortgage.com, the higher you will be listed on the Lender List. For example, if you are the third bridge lender to send in your $1,000, then when a property investor looks for a lender for a $2 million bridge loan on an office building in California, you will be the third lender to appear on the Lender List.


Verbal Proof Story

Les Agisim of Trevor Cole Commercial has probably made over $1 million in fees from closing 51 commercial loans for C-Loans. He joined C-Loans early, and he is now the top-ranked commercial lender on C-Loans.com. He therefore gets more applications than anyone else, so its easy for him to maintain and even increase his lead. Moral of the story: Don’t dilly-dally. You’ll kick yourself later.


Conditions and Restrictions

  1. You must be a direct lender that services more than $20 million in commercial real estate loans. That means that the borrowers must write their checks in favor of your company every month. If you sell your loans “servicing-released”, sorry, but you’re screwed.
  2. This is old man, George Blackburne III. I have spent millions of dollars developing C-Loans.com and CommercialMortgage.com. I make a few bucks when deals close, but where I make some serious dough is when my hard-money shop, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, closes small, sub-prime deals. Therefore sub-prime, non-prime, hard-money, and bridge lenders will NOT be eligible to advertise on CMDC for commercial loans of $1 million or less. I don’t want the competition. You are, however, eligible to advertise on CMDC for bridge loans and sub-prime / non-prime loans of greater than $1 million.
  3. If someone offers me $1,500 per year, he will be ranked higher than anyone else paying only $1,000 per year, and so on.
  4. As an incentive for you to renew every year, without me having to hire a salesman to contact you, the longest-remaining lender will be listed first among any lenders in the same advertising category (the $1,000 per year guys, for example).

How To Receive Scrubbed Commercial Leads for Just $1,000 a Year

Contact Tom Blackburne at 574-210-6686.


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