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Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual

Learn EXACTLY How To Make Your Phones Ring Off the
Hook With Commercial Leads.
If You Want to Earn $500K+ Per Year, You Need Lots and Lots of Leads.

My name is George Blackburne, III, Esq., and I am a bona fide commercial marketing guru. I was able to retire at age 45 because I developed certain techniques that made our phones ring off the hook with commercial mortgage leads.

First of all, let me tell you what doesn't work. Display ads in newspapers and magazines, direct mail to borrowers, calling on realtors, and flyers to mortgage brokers all do not work.

For only $199, I will send you a marketing manual, plus a wonderful 90-minute marketing video, that will teach you exactly how to find as many commercial mortgage leads as you have time to work. Even better, this proven method will cost you only one-fifth the cost of any other advertising method. I have been soliciting commercial mortgage loans for twenty-three years, and through trial and error and dogged persistence, I have found the one method that is as reliable as turning on a faucet.

You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in net (not gross!) profit originating commercial mortgage loans - if you have the leads!

You can order by email, phone or fax. The cost is $199, plus $8 shipping and handling. California residents please include $15.42 sales tax.

To email your order, simply send an email to Alicia Gandy at In the Subject line, please insert the words, "Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual Order". Please include your name, company, address and telephone number. Please also include your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card information, the name on the account, the account number and the expiration date.

To order by phone, please call Alicia Gandy at 916-338-3232. To order by fax, please fax your address and credit card information to Alicia Gandy at Blackburne & Brown at 916-338-2328.

Be sure to also see our Combo Package Offer that includes our Income Property Underwriting Manual, our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Manual, our Loan Broker Fee Agreement - all for just $249. For just $249 you'll possess every tool you need to open a very competent commercial mortgage division. Click here for details on our Combo Package.

Or mail your check for $199.00 (California residents please include $15.42 sales tax), plus $8 shipping and handling to:

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