C-Loans Closes $550,000 Land Loan

C-Loans.com is pleased to announce the closing of a $550,000 first mortgage on a 15-acre parcel of land in Wilmington, NC.

The Lead

This refinance request is a perfect example of how C-Loans.com can help you place those difficult loans. In this case, the borrower was strong, but the collateral was land. Since the economic downturn, finding lenders willing to use land as collateral has been a struggle.

Why Should You Care?

Lenders and Brokers: The lender who closed this loan was Paul Elis of PMB Capital. Paul has closed 31 loans for C-Loans.com! That is 31 loan commissions he has earned as a direct result of using our proven C-Loans.com system. Check out C-Loans.com to learn more about our system.

Brokers: Paul is just one of over 750 hungry lenders on C-Loans.com. Stop wasting your time on lenders who do not offer the type of loan your client needs. Put your loan scenario on C-Loans.com and get matched up with the perfect lender today.

Lenders: Wouldn't you like to open your Inbox and find a lead that fits your parameters perfectly? Well, C-Loans.com can give that to you. We are able to filter out leads that do not meet your requirements, such as state and county, property type, credit score, etc. This allows C-Loans.com to provide you leads that you want.

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