C-Loans, Inc. Is Pleased To Announce The Closing Of A $7,750,000 Loan!
The Scenario

This particular transaction was a $7,750,000 blanket loan on three separate multi-family properties in Columbus, Ohio. The borrowers had excellent credit, a high net worth and were looking to refinance. Their broker, knowing that C-Loans.com is a great source for finding the perfect commercial lender, put the loan through C-Loans.com and found the perfect financing solution.

If I Am A Lender, Why Should I Care?

If you make your living on funding commercial loans then you NEED to take a look at what C-Loans.com has to offer. C-Loans.com is the largest commercial finance portal in the world. When a lead is generated from the C-Loans.com system, the borrower (or broker) is presented with a list of potentials lenders whose criteria fit the loan scenario. With one click, a loan summary outlying the details of the loan, including color pictures, will be sent right to the lender's inbox.

So if you are a lender, why wouldn't you want a $7.75mm multi-family blanket loan lead to just show up in your inbox? Closing too many deals? Making too much money? If that isn't the case, then you need to contact Mick Carlson right away and get signed up. If you are already on C-Loans.com and are wondering how you missed this lead, contact Mick Carlson. He will look over your profile and make sure you are set up correctly.

If I Am A Broker, Why Should I Care?

Broker's love C-Loans.com. It's a fact. With C-Loans.com, there are so many different ways that a broker can make money that it is hard not to love it. Got a commercial finance project that needs funding? Submit it to our 750 lenders. Looking for leads? While lenders get the first pick, sometimes good quality deals like this slip through their fingers. At C-Loans.com we let you buy these leads for just a few dollars. In fact, the broker on this particular deal bought this lead for just $3.

For Both Broker's and Lender's...

One final thought, C-Loans.com just paid $9,370.00 to one of our partners on this transaction. Why did we do this? Well, this C-Loans.com partner signed up for our partnership link program. If a deal goes through your link, whether it be on your company home page or sent through your email and ends up closing with another C-Loans.com lender (or lead buyer), then you get part of our fee.

You heard that right, this guy got paid over $9,000 for having a link on his webpage. Sign up for our partnership link program and the next time you turn down a deal, send them your partnership link. Wouldn't you love to get a $9,000 check in the mail for doing nothing?

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