You Missed Out On A $2,000,000 Loan In California!
Do You Like Closing $2,000,000 Loans In California? Then Why Didn't You? just closed a $2,000,000 loan on an assisted living facility in La Mesa, California. While we would normally be jumping with joy, this loan was actually closed by a lead buyer with a lender outside the system.

What does this mean? This means that 6 of our C-Loans lenders passed over this deal. Did those 6 lenders know something the 7th lender didn't? Maybe. Or is it more likely that the first 6 simply did not look at this wonderful lead that was sent to them.

As the old saying goes "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". brings you to the watering hole every single day by automatically sending you quality leads based on your lending tastes. It is up to you to take a drink.

Don't let quality leads slip by you again. Check your applications regularly. Make sure your profile is up to date, browse the lender vault when you have money to lend and most importantly don't just One-Click Turndown a deal without really looking at. Remember the reason you received the lead in the first place was that it met your lending criteria.

Are you going to die of thirst? Or take a drink from the C-Loans watering hole?

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