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Baby, It's Cold Outside... But C-Loans is on Fire!


February 1, 2019

Brrrrrrrr! Much of the country has been experiencing some of the harshest weather on record. But the bitter cold hasn't stopped the closings from falling! Five closings in the month of January is a GREAT way to start off the new year.

Special thanks to the following Loan Officers for their hard work in getting these deals done despite the nasty weather:

George Blackburne, IV

Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital

Gary Polao / Vito Piche

Red Start Mortgage

Les Agisim

Trevor Cole Commercial

Alicia Gandy

Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital


Blackburne & Sons closes a $200,000 refinance of a commercial building in Asheboro, NC


55% LTV

9.9% IR

30/15/5 Amortization/Term


This property was not seasoned and seriously lacked cash-flow. Additionally the out-of-state borrowers wanted cash-out. However, the credit worthiness, quality of construction, and strength of newly signed lease had this deal doable.

Red Star Mortgage closes a $500,0000 refinance of an apartment complex in Cleveland, OH


80% LTV

7.9% IR

30/10 Amortization/Term


The leases were below-market, the property wasn't seasoned, and the deal demanded for a higher Loan to Value ratio.

TCRM closes a $450,000 bridge loan of an apartment complex in Chicago, IL


60% LTV

8.9% IR

30/15/5 Amortization/Term


The borrower had some credit issues, the property was older and located in an older part of town.

TCRM closes a $1,200,000 bridge loan of an industrial building in Littleton, NC


65% LTV

8.9% IR

36mo Interest Only Term


The borrower was a successful restaurant owner that needed additional funds to complete his new restaurant build.

Blackburne & Sons closes a $120,000 purchase of an office building in Jacksonville, FL


70% LTV

8.9% IR

30/15/5 Amortization/Term


The borrower suffered an injury that resulted in some large medical bills. While our borrower worked hard to pay back the bills, their credit suffered greatly.


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