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Volume 7: Issue 9 | Date: September 3, 2019

This letter is intended only for commercial real estate loan officers working for banks, credit unions, conduits, and hard money lenders. Today we’ll discuss why your commercial property owners must RUSH to their lenders and refinance right now. It is almost too late. We also have lots of cute, clean jokes, some funny pics, and a cool video of an 400-pound, 100-year-old turtle begging to be petted like a dog.

Hey guys, if we make you chuckle today, won't you please-please-please refer a turndown this week to CommercialMortgage.com? Seriously, guys, this searchable portal is free, and it contains thousands of commercial lenders. You really are doing them a favor.


Joke Du Jour

The tot had just been put to bed for the umpteenth time, and his mother's patience was wearing thin. "I don't want to hear you call out, ‘Mom’, one more time!" she warned him sternly. After a few minutes of quiet, a small voice came from upstairs, "Mrs. Jones? Can I have a drink of water?”


Why Aren't You Personally Investing in Our First Trust Deeds?

Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation has been selling 7% to 12% first trust deed investments for almost forty years. That’s longer than a great many banks have been in business.

Do you know a trust deed investor or an accredited investor who should be investing in first trust deeds? We’ll pay you a $250 referral fee the first time he invests. Go ahead and refer three or four different guys. Refer an investor here.


Free Commercial Leads

Handled properly, our carefully-filtered commercial leads cost your bank nothing. Simply bump your normal loan fee quote by 37.5 bps. Banks, credit unions, CMBS lenders, and life company correspondents pay just 25 bps. on loans over $5MM. 


Shopping List Joke

My father was completely lost in the kitchen and never ate unless someone prepared a meal for him. When Mother was ill, however, he volunteered to go to the supermarket for her. She sent him off with a carefully numbered list of seven items. 

Dad returned shortly, very proud of himself, and proceeded to unpack the grocery bags. He had one bag of sugar, two dozen eggs, three hams, four boxes of detergent, five boxes of crackers, six eggplants, and seven green peppers.  


How C-Loans Actually Works

Think of C-Loans.com as a giant filter. We start with 750 participating commercial lenders. Every time you enter more information into the application - loan amount, property type, loan type, state, credit - dozens of lenders are filtered out. Upon completion, you are left with a list of 20 to 30 perfect lenders. You put a check mark next to six lenders at a time and press submit. Soon you are receiving quotes and offers. No good offers? Come back and submit to six more lenders, then six more, and so on. And C-Loans.com is free!


Devout Cowboy Joke

The devout cowboy lost his favorite Bible while he was mending fences out on the range. Three weeks later, a cow walked up to him carrying the Bible in its mouth. The cowboy couldn't believe his eyes. He took the precious book out of the cow’s mouth, raised his eyes heavenward and exclaimed, "It's a miracle!" "Not really," said the cow, "Your name is written inside the cover.”


Need a NMLS License? Need to Renew Your CE Hours?

This fun instructor makes these hours bearable.


Picture Joke

A soldier serving overseas far from home was annoyed and upset when his girl wrote to break off their engagement and ask for her photograph back. He went out and collected from his friends all the unwanted photographs of women that he could find, bundled them all together, and sent them back with a note saying, “I regret that I cannot remember which one you are. Please keep your photo and return the others.” 


- Today's Observation -

Refinance Your Commercial Loan Right Now!

Days Now Matter.

When banks get scared, one of the first lending spigots that they turn off is commercial mortgage lending. Banks are about to get scared again. This recovery cannot continue too much longer. It's already the longest recovery in history.

Ordinarily, a garden-variety recession is no big deal. Unfortunately, the timing of this recession may kill President Trump’s chances of reelection. We could easily elect a socialist-leaning president, like Elizabeth Warren.

Holy poop! Right or wrong, equity investors will not like that. Can you imagine the rout in the stock market once it becomes clear that Trump will lose? A 30% to 40% crash in the stock market would send our banks into survival mode. New loans will be rare, but the banks will continue to rake in their monthly payments.

Just like in 2008, the Multiplier Effect (20:1) will kick into reverse. Every time a bank collects a $1,000 loan payment and fails to immediately lend it back out, a whopping $20,000 (20:1) gets sucked out of the U.S. money supply. 

Trillions of dollars will be destroyed. Therefore your commercial loan customers must move immediately to refinance their commercial loans. Bank rates on commercial loans are terrific right now.

Do you know how banks price their commercial real estate loans? They look at five-year Treasuries (1.68% today), and then they add 2.75% to 3.5%.

Remember this rule: When quoting a commercial real estate loan from a bank, look up five-year Treasuries, and then add 2.75% to 3.5%. Better deals get the better rates. Subtract one-half percent for multifamily deals.

Using this handy formula, your client can expect a commercial real estate loan from a bank of 4.43% to 5.18%. That’s a wonderful rate, so call up your investors and get them moving right now. If they start the process right away, they will likely close just in time.


Get Out of School Joke

Teacher: "Whoever answers my next question, can go home."   One boy throws his bag out the window.   Teacher: "Who just threw that?"   Boy: "Me, and now I’m going home.”


Free Commercial Loan Leads

C-Loans.com, is our original portal. C-Loans.com has been phenomenally successful, boasting over 1,000 commercial loan closings totaling over $1 billion. We will list banks on C-Loans.com for free, and they will receive free leads by email, as well as calls and emails directly from borrowers.

If the bank closes a commercial loan, however, the bank owes to C-Loans.com a software licensing fee of between 25 to 50 bps (usually 37.5 bps.) In real life, all of our banks simply bump their normal loan fee from 1.0 points to 1.375 points, so C-Loans.com effectively costs the bank nothingPlease click here to get listed on C-Loans for free. (You must be a bona fide direct commercial lender servicing at least $20 million in commercial loans.)


Pringles Trivia

Worldwide, there are over 100 different flavors of Pringles potato chips, or potato crisps, if you prefer. Certain flavors are only available in certain markets. Currently, you can find Pringles being sold in over 140 countries. So take your pick, you have flavors such as Paprika, Onion Blossom, Prawn Cocktail, Grilled Shrimp, Honey Mustard, Hot & Spicy Wonton, just to name a few.


Ever Wonder What a C-Loans Application Looks Like?

Here's a sample loan application.


Savings Joke

After years of scrimping and saving, a husband told his wife the good news: "Honey, we've finally saved enough money to buy what we started saving for in 1979.” "You mean a brand-new Cadillac?" she asked eagerly. "No," said the husband, "a 1979 Cadillac.”


Use Cheddar Stacks to Get Commercial Loans

Imagine 19 business men and women, all working in industries centered around real estate. Each has an app on their cell phone that makes it easy to shoot each other leads. Folks, referral leads are worth THIRTY leads from advertising. Click here for more details.


Dirty Clothes Joke

Weary of constantly picking clothes up from the floor of her son's room, a mother finally laid down the law. Each item of clothing she had to pick up would cost her son 25 cents. By the end of the week, he owed her $9.50. She received the money promptly, along with a 50 cent tip and a note that read, "Thanks, Mom, keep up the good work!"


Get Four Training Courses for FREE

Are you desperate to learn commercial real estate finance, but you’re as poor as a church mouse? Get four training courses for free.


Flirting Student Joke

A school teacher sends home a note with student. The note reads, ”Your son is an obedient and bright student, but spends too much time talking to girls.” The mother sends a note back the following day, ”Please advise a solution. His father has the same problem.”


Won't You Please-Please-Please Refer Us Your Commercial Mortgage Turndowns?

If you have to turn down a commercial loan this week, you would really be helping your customer if you referred him to CommercialMortgage.com. The domain name is easy to remember.


Golf Ball Joke

A nurse noticed a golfer pacing up and down outside the operating room where another golfer who had a golf ball driven down his throat was bring treated. "Is he a relative of yours?" she asked. "No," said the golfer. "It's my ball.”


Would You Mind a $21,250 Referral Fee?

We once paid a $21,250 referral fee to a website owner named Alan Dunn for referring us a $17 million deal. Please click here for details.


Two Doors Joke

A man was invited to a wedding. When he reached the hotel, he found two doors written on them… 

1.  Bride relatives 

2.  Groom relatives 

He entered the groom door and found two doors again. 

1.  Ladies 

2.  Men 

He entered men door and found two doors again. 

1.  People with gifts 

2.  People without gifts 

He entered the second door (people without gifts )… and found himself outside the hotel.


Learn Commercial Real Estate Finance

9 Hour Video Training

It would be a lot easier to close your commercial deals if you actually knew the subject matter. Are you finally ready to learn the financial ratios and the advanced terminology of commercial real estate finance? Just $549.


Video - Thirty Years Ago, My Family Got to Pet Three Giant Tortoises, Who Jumped Up Like Puppies!


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Final Funny

A rancher was minding his own business when a DEA agent came up up to him and said, "We got a tip that you may be growing illegal drugs on the premises. Do you mind if I take a look around?" 

The old rancher replied, "That's fine, you shouldn't go over there though." As he pointed at one of his fields. The arrogant DEA agent snapped at him, "I'm am a federal agent! I can go wherever I want!” With that he pulled out his badge and shoved it into the ranchers face. 

The rancher shrugged this off and continued with his daily chores. About 15 minutes later he heard a loud scream from the field he had pointed out earlier. All of a sudden he could see the DEA agent sprinting towards him with a large bull on his heels. 

The rancher rushed to the fence and yelled, "Your badge! Show him your badge!"

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