C-Loans Realty Agent Letter
Volume 1, Issue 1

Newsletter Date: July 16, 2004


We are going to bribe you to read our newsletters.  You will love the bribe.  But first a cute joke.

Joke Du Jour

An elderly man was at home, dying in bed.  He smelled the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookies baking.   He wanted one last cookie before he died.

He fell out of bed, crawled to the landing, rolled down the stairs, and crawled into the kitchen where his wife was busily baking cookies.  With waning strength he crawled to the table and was just barely able to lift his withered arm to the cookie sheet.

As he grasped a warm, moist, chocolate chip cookie, his favorite kind, his wife suddenly whacked his hand with a spatula.

"Why?" he whispered.  "Why did you do that?"

"They're for the funeral."

The Bribe

If you stay on our newsletter list, we will give you one, fast, hard money, commercial loan for just one point

Treat this offer like a chit, a get-out-of-jail card, or a silver bullet.  The ability to get a lightening-fast hard money loan for only one point may save an important deal for you someday.  But you have to stay on our newsletter list to redeem it.  (Sorry, you only get one.) 

Blackburne & Brown, the parent of C-Loans, Inc., is a nationwide commercial hard money lender.  Our normal loan fee is 2.5 points, so this chit is worth some dough. 

Please note that our loans have a wonderful 15 year term, and there is no prepayment penalty.   As a result, you can use our loan as a lightening-fast bridge loan ... but then take your time paying us off.

To redeem this chit, just call one of our loan officers at 916-338-3232 and remind him that, "I am one of George's commercial brokers.  He promised me a one-point hard money with no prepayment penalty."

There are even more bribes.

What in 'Tarnation is C-Loans Anyway?

C-Loans.com is a commercial mortgage portal.  In English, this means that you can apply to 750 different commercial mortgage lenders from a single online location.  C-Loans is a pretty big operation.  For example, it took our team of attorneys 8 years to sign up these 750 lenders.

These 750 commercial lenders are direct lenders, not brokers, so you get to actually speak with the folks who have Loan Commitee authority.  C-Loans is not a broker.  Lenders just pay us to receive loan app's online. 

There are more than 500 "A' lenders for your perfect deals, including just about every major bank in the country.  So if you want a rock bottom quote for an "A" deal, you'll find it on C-Loans.

A lot of your commercial mortgage deals, however, will have a black hair, some flaw that keeps a traditional lender from doing your deal.  On C-Loans you will find hundreds of hard money lenders and niche lenders who will close your tougher deals.

Just click here to apply.  When you first get to the C-Loans application page, please be sure to bookmark it.

Nuther Funny

It's Tuesday.  Three in the afternoon, Los Angeles.  Two veteran detectives pick up a con artist on a section 872, the old Fountain of Youth scam.  The con artist is selling bottles filled with a liquid that he claims slows the aging process.

The older detective tells his partner, "Frank, check his record.  My gut tells me that our boy has played this game before.

Frank reports back.  "You're right, he's  got priors.  He was busted for the same thing in 1815, 1887, 1921..."

Nuther Bribe

We have all seen these promotional pens with a company's logo on them.   Big deal.  However, we recently ordered some expensive pens to give away at a trade show, and when they arrived, we were floored.  These pens were really nice.

So here is our second bribe, if you go to C-Loans.com right now and input a bonafide commercial mortgage loan application into the system (takes just two minutes), we will send you one of these fabulous pens.  Just send me an email after you have submitted your deal.

Final Funny

When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping".  Now I just "chunky dunk".



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