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At C-Loans.com we scour the Web for the best in real estate and mortgage Web sites. Why? Because we've found consumers are getting confused with such a wide variety of online offerings from which to choose.

Our identifcation of the best real estate and mortgage sites helps consumers sort through the confusion. Awards are given to those sites that offer a superior level of: 1) content, 2) design, and 3) functionality/site navigation. Award-winning sites are rated from one to five stars (best).

Obviously not all submitted sites will be award-winners and invited to display an award seal on their site. However, we can promise that ALL submitted sites will be reviewed and considered. All award-winners will be notified by e-mail. Thank you in advance for offering your suggestions.

Please make sure to provide us with:
1. an active URL address
2. contact person e-mail address
3. contact name and phone number

Please e-mail your suggested site to: george@blackburne.com

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