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Commercial Loan Placement Assistance

George Blackburne Wants to Personally Help You Close this Deal

You are a mortgage broker, and you have recently submitted a commercial loan request through the C-Loans Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank. We here at C-Loans have looked at the commercial loan referenced in the attached email, and it looks unusually creditworthy.

Unfortunately, due to the current credit crunch, closing commercial loans today with banks, savings banks, life companies and credit unions is extremely difficult. In the past, if you approached six banks with a good, clean commercial deal, at least one of them could be counted on to make you an offer. Today we're finding that a broker has to submit the same good-quality deal to 20 or 30 banks before finally attracting a lender.

C-Loans therefore proposes the following: We will help you prepare a very handsome PDF Executive Loan Summary of your commercial deal, complete with attractive color photo's. We will then go out into the market and locate at least ten more bona fide direct commercial lenders for this loan, in addition to all of the lenders electronically proposed to you on C-Loans. In other words, we will go outside of the C-Loans System to find these extra lenders. We will then submit the PDF of your deal to all ten lenders, with instructions to the lenders to please call you if they are interested.

If these ten lenders all reject your deal and the deal still appears creditworthy, C-Loans will find ten more lenders for you and submit your deal. If we need even more lenders after that, and it is possible to find them, we'll even find and submit your deal to ten more after that.

What will this commercial loan placement assistance cost you? Three-eighths of one point (37.5 bps), due and payable if the loan closes with one of the banks or other lenders to whom we submitted your loan. If one of our bankers or lenders refers the deal to a buddy at a different bank and he closes it for you, our fee is still owed.

Why should you give up part of your loan fee to bring in C-Loans to help you place this deal?

C-Loans is an expert at finding commercial lenders and at handsomely packaging commercial deals. We only make this offer to about one out of every fifteen commercial deals submitted by brokers through C-Loans. If the loan doesn't close, this service doesn't cost you a cent, and if it does close, you have the dough to pay us.

But most important of all, George Blackburne will personally be helping you place this loan. If you are unfamiliar with George, he is an attorney; he founded and owns Blackburne & Brown, the big commercial hard money shop; and he designed and owns Most important of all, George, either personally or through his popular video training courses, has trained a significant percentage of all of the practicing commercial mortgage brokers in the industry. You'll get to spend some time with George on the phone, and your chances of closing the deal are probably greater with George helping you.

Here are some administrative details: You will be required to send us attractive color photo's of the property, and we will not start our lender research until you have done so. C-Loans will not be acting as a mortgage broker on this deal, but rather it will be acting merely as a service provider to you. We will not help you negotiate with the borrower, nor will we get involved in shuttling documents back and forth between the borrower and the lender. Of course we cannot guarantee you that any bank will fund your loan. Our job is to povide potential lenders and nothing else.

In addition, you are responsible for collecting your loan fee, out of which you will owe to C-Loans a commercial loan placement assistance fee of 37.5 basis points, based on the gross loan amount. It is not customary for banks to guarantee the fee of mortgage brokers, so ideally you should get the borrower to sign a fee agreement for your fee of one point or so.

Finally, C-Loans will not double-dip. If this loan is closed by one of the original lenders listed on C-Loans and we are paid by that lender, we will not charge you an additional commercial loan placement assistance fee for looking for some additional lenders outside the C-Loans System.

If you would like to hire C-Loans to assist you in placing this commercial loan, please execute this agreement at the bottom. By executing this agreement, you are binding not only your mortgage company to the payment of our fee but also yourself personally. By signing you are warranting that you have the authority to execute this agreement on behalf of your company.

By executing this agreement you and your company hereby agree that any disputes, at law or in equity, arising out of, or related to, this agreement shall be resolved according to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The sole and exclusive venue shall lie in Sacramento, California. The prevailing party shall be entitled to arbitration costs and arbitrator's fees, but NOT attorney's fees.

This agreement specifically incorporates by reference the commercial loan application submitted by the mortgage broker through C-Loans regarding this loan, as well as the email to the mortgage broker offering to assist in placing the loan.

The mortgage broker can register up to five commercial lenders to whom he has already submitted this loan or intends to submit this loan. The mortgage broker will not owe a fee to C-Loans if the loan is closed by one of the following five lenders:






Agreed and Accepted:


________________________________________ Date: ________


________________________________________ Date: ________


________________________________________ Date: ________

Mortgage Brokers: After signing, please fax to Misty Switzer at C-Loans, Inc. at 574-936-6814. Please also complete the following -

Print your name:________________________________________


Work phone:___________________________________________

Cell phone:____________________________________________

Email address (used on C-Loans): __________________________

Project (Loans) name:____________________________________

Questions?: Call Misty Switzer at 574-936-6387.

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