C-Loans Realty Agent Letter
Volume 1, Issue 2

Newsletter Date:  August 12, 2004


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Joke Du Jour

This puny guys applies for a job as a lumberjack.  "Sorry," says the head lumberjack, eyeing the man up and down, "you're just too small."

"Give me a chance to show you what I can do," the guy pleads.  "You won't regret it."

"Okay," says the boss.  "See that giant oak over there?  Let's see if you can chop it down."

Half an hour later, the mighty oak is felled, amazing the boss.  "Where'd you learn to cut trees like that?" he asks.

"The Sahara Forest ."

"You mean the Sahara Desert ?"

"Sure, if that's what they call it now."

Clever Broker Making Gazzillions

I recent trained a commercial real estate brokerage in commercial mortgage finance.  They wanted to set up a commercial mortgage arm.

The broker was making a fortune doing a very clever thing.  He went into his MLS and selected the most attractive looking commercial properties in his area.  Each property was a real looker.  Then he published a color, glossy real estate magazine that he gave away for free at supermarkets.  

Calls poured in by the score every day from hot-to-trot investors anxious to find new properties.  He would set up appointments with the listing agent and would take the selling agent's commission if the property sold.  If not, he had just added another investor to his databank.

The amazing thing was that he was displaying properties in his magazine on which he didn't even have a listing!

Why You Should Use C-Loans.com

You don't get paid unless your buyer successfully closes his commercial mortgage loan.  When you take two minutes to submit your buyer's commercial loan through C-Loans, you can apply to 750 different banks, six banks at a time.

If your deal is perfect, our banks will compete fiercely against each other to offer your buyer the best deal.  If your deal has a black hair, you can sort through scores of lenders in a few hours, six lenders at a time, until you find the one lender that can live with the black hair.

C-Loans is not like other commercial mortgage portals.  You deal directly with our 750 banks.  We even give you the name of each bank, the name of the loan officer, and his telephone number.  This is why C-Loans has emerged as the most popular commercial mortgage portal, according to Alexa.com.

Just click here to apply.  When you first get to the C-Loans application page, please be sure to bookmark it.

Nuther Funny

During an afternoon practice, a nine year old way out in left field failed to catch one ball after another. The coach, getting very impatient with him said, "Just stand over there and watch me."

The assistant coach hit a ball in the coaches direction. The ball hit the ground in front of him. The second ball hit behind him. The third hit him on the shoulder.  He looks over at the left fielder and yells, "See what you've done. You've got this position so messed up, no one can catch a ball here."

More on the Bribe

This commercial hard money loan we have promised you for just one point has a 15 year term and no prepayment penalty.  When you call our office, our loan officer may quote you 3.5 points, our standard fee.  Be sure to remind him that you are one of our real estate brokers and that we have promised you the deal for just one point.

To redeem your one-point hard money loan, just call Bill Libal, or one of our other loan officers, at 916-338-3232.

Final Funny

Why is Mr. Potato Head the perfect man?  He's tan, he's cute, and if he looks at another woman, you can rearrange his face.


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